Love Easy

Liam walked out onto the stage where he was greeted by piercing screams. He waved and smiled, because every moment of his job was complete joy. Or was it really?


3. Chapter 3

Liam and Harry climbed into the tiny town car that would drive them to the SUV that was waiting for them. 

"So mate, what's up?" Harry asked him. 

"I just need a night out. Understand?" 

"I do," Harry said dropping the subject. 

The pair of them rode in the town car across the city to the SUV where they quickly jumped in. The whole idea was to keep their soon whereabouts a secret so it would be a halfway peaceful night. But both lads knew that there was always a chance for being revealed wherever they went. 

"Where exactly are we going Harry?" Liam asked finally paying attention to Harry again. 

"Some club," Harry smirked. "It's pretty low key. I just hope they haven't reached max yet."

"It's not too late," Liam was getting a bit worried now. "Do you think we will be able to get in?"

"Of course," Harry winked before returning to the texting conversation he was having before Liam interrupted. 

Liam thought about whether or not this had been a good idea. If they would have gone to a club in the city then they were guaranteed to get inside but now what if they couldn't. 

Liam pulled out his phone and realized that their drive to this club was taking a rather long time. It had been an hour since they left the venue they had performed at. 

Another fifteen minutes passed and Liam was just about to ask Harry was this some kind of joke when the SUV came to a stop. 

The SUV had barely stopped as Harry swung the door open revealing bright lights and a hundred people standing outside the club. Liam sighed, hoping Harry had a plan to get inside because it didn't look possible. 

Liam dragged himself out of the SUV that quickly pulled off, as to Harry's instructions. 

"Wait Harry," Liam called making Harry turn around. 

"Well hurry the hell up mate," Harry joked as Liam ran to catch up. 

Harry was walking straight to the door where the bouncer stood with a tall blonde woman. The crowd seemed restless. Liam looked up and saw the name of the club. 

LOVE EASY shone with bright red and purple lights. Liam began wondering what type of club this was exactly. He grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him back. 

"Please tell me this is not a strip club," Liam whispered to him. 

"Oh no mate!" Harry tried not to laugh. "This is a singles club. Come on."

Liam hesitated for a moment but chose to follow Harry straight up to the door. The tall blonde smiled at Harry as he approached her. 

"Sorry honey," she bit down on her lip. "We're full for the night. Get in line, you may get in by closing."

Liam groaned accepting defeat right then and there. 

"I'm sure you can allow two lovely gentlemen in there love," Harry said putting on the charm plus the accent is sure to knock out anyone who isn't use to it. 

"I would love to but," Harry cut her off by grabbing her waist and pulling her in for a kiss. Liam stood there awkwardly as Harry kissed the female bouncer. 

"Now love, can we go inside?" Harry's voice made her melt, it was clear, and the kiss only sealed the deal completly. 

"Yes boys! Go on inside!" she squealed and probably had no idea she had just kissed Harry Styles. 

Liam was shocked that it truly did work and wondered how many times Harry had pulled that trick. It really didn't matter now because they had been granted access. Liam walked in through the doors to the loud, pumping music. 

Harry lingered for a second longer to whisper in the blonde's ear, "Come dance with me soon."

He left her breathless and probably aroused in that moment as he turned and followed Liam through the doors. 

"I figured you had a plan mate but had no idea that is what it would be," Liam joked with Harry. 

"Hey it got us in, plus she was rather sexy. I like tall women," Harry winked. "See you in a few hours. Call me when you are leaving and I will let the driver know."

Liam nodded as Harry disappeared into the crowd. Liam looked around at all the swaying bodies and immediately decided he would join. 

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