Love Easy

Liam walked out onto the stage where he was greeted by piercing screams. He waved and smiled, because every moment of his job was complete joy. Or was it really?


2. Chapter 2

"Thank you all! You've been amazing!" Liam yelled as the show was coming to a close. Before exiting the stage he saw Niall do one of his famous jumps and that made him smile. 
Fame hadn't changed any of them, well aside from all of the screaming fans following them around.

"So we going out tonight mate?" Harry said wrapping his arm around Liam's shoulder, brotherly because they had that type of bond.

"Sure," Liam mumbled walking quickly to the dressing room. "We should go to a different city though. To avoid fans and so we can have a good time."

"Alright, I'll start looking now," Harry called, dropping Liam off at the door.

Liam went over to the leather sofa located in the middle of his dressing room and sat down slowly. He soon pulled out his phone and stared typing out a tweet.

Crazy show tonight ! Can't wait to do it all over again tomorrow night ! Love you guys!

Within moments his tweet was emerged with hundreds of favorites and retweets. Liam smiled not understanding why people liked what he had to say so much.

Before he was famous he would never have imagined getting this type of attention over such a silly tweet. Was all of it really necessary?

The importance of the tweet never matter. A simple tweet from accident would send for thousands of replies, favorites, retweets, and everything else that Twitter has to offer.

"Liam!" Harry dragged out his name as he bust open the door disregarding privacy. "Get ready. We're leaving in ten!"

A smirk appeared on Liam's face. He was beyond happy to escape the hassle of being one-fifth of One Direction even if only for a matter of moments. He adored his fans and being able to produce music they enjoyed but sometimes you just need a relaxing break from it all.

Quickly, Liam switched from the clothes he was wearing on stage to a more relaxed look. A white, baggy tank top that would reveal much of his muscles. A pair of light, faded blue jeans that hung loosely. And to complete his look his ever famous brown boots, barely laced.

Tonight was going to be a good night. Liam just knew it, he could feel it in his bones.

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