Love Easy

Liam walked out onto the stage where he was greeted by piercing screams. He waved and smiled, because every moment of his job was complete joy. Or was it really?


1. Chapter 1

You look around and all you see is thousands of girls screaming your name.

Millions of words being spoken all at once.

Hundreds of responses you will never get to give.

"Liam?" the deep voice. "The interview is about to begin. Get in line to walk out."

And let it all begin once again.

"You okay?" Louis asked resting a hand on Liam's shoulder.

"Fine," Liam said walking out onto the stage where his ears were filled with loud screams. He waved and smiled, because every moment of his job was complete joy. Or was it really?

"And here's our guests, One Direction!" yet another television interview yelled over the crowd of screaming girls as the five boys came onto the stage. 

The pair of interviewers shook the boys' hands before they took their seats on the stage. 

"Liam I love you!" 

"We love you One Direction!"

"Liam! Marry me!" 

These were only some of the things being yelled at the stage before the pair of interviewers were able to settle down the crowd. Liam scanned the crowd while the interview started. He respectfully answers some of the questions making sure to complete his fair share, but leaving enough for the other boys. 

After only fifteen minutes the interview was over. Now it was performance time for the boys. The stage was quickly transformed into respectable performing area for the boys. 

Liam took off his hat, smoothed over his hair, and placed it back atop his head. Taking a deep breathe, even though this was probably the hundredth time he had sang the song, before the beat started playing in background. 

The boys performed Best Song Ever and What Makes You Beautiful before their set was over. After the little time the interviewers thanked the boys for the time and the screaming fans began to moan in annoyance. 

"Well that was fun," Louis joked as they walked off the stage. 

"Just wait until we have to get out of here," Zayn joked right back. 

The boys let out a slight chuckle at the poor joke, because they loved their fans and didn't mind the craziness all the time. As long as the craziness wasn't too extreme. 

"Alright boys," a body guard came to lead them out of the building. "Five signatures and photos. Then to the car."

They all shook their heads. By now this guy should know he is going to have to force them to stop paying attention to their fans. The boys knew nothing more than to thank all their fans for their pure dedication. 

"Ready?" Harry said as the back door to the studio opened and the bright sunshine mixed with the piercing screams erupted on the inside. 

Liam and Zayn broke off to the left while the rest of the boys ventured toward the right. 

"Liam! Liam! Please!" a young girl, no older than ten, yelled at him. 

Smiling, he stopped and grabbed the magazine she was holding. Quickly, he scribbled out a signature. 

"Please a picture too! The signature is for my big sister! Please Liam!" she spoke fast as if this wasn't the first time she had tried. She obviously knew she had mere seconds. 

"Sure love," Liam said as he grabbed the phone she was holding to take a quick snap. 

"Liam! I love you! You're my favorite! Please please! A picture please!" a girl close to the one he was taking a picture with yelled to him. 

Liam handed the phone back to the first girl and headed to the next. The screams were becoming a blur and Liam was only stopped every few girls. He wanted to stop and sign everything all the people wanted. He wanted to stop and take a snap with everyone who desired one. 

After at least fifteen signatures and twenty different photos Zayn patted him on the back, leaned in and whispered, "We gotta go man."

Liam was determined to sign just one more thing. He spotted a boy, maybe fifteen, standing close to the car he was about to get into. 

"Liam!" the boy yelled. "Please sign this! It's for my sister's birthday! It's tomorrow!" 

Liam walked up to the boy despite all the other boys already in the car and began to sign the paper he had. 

"What her name man?" he asked. 

"Lucy! Her name is Lucy!" the boy yelled over the crowd of people trying to get Liam's attention at the same moment. 

"Lucy?" he asked only to confirm. 

The boy nodded with a smile as Liam signed Happy Birthday Lucy! Love, Liam

He was barely finished with his signature when the body guard came to help him the rest of the way to the car. 

"Thanks Liam!" the boy yelled as the body guard pushed Liam the rest of the way to the car. 

Nothing hurt him more than disappointing people, especially fans. The only thing that kept him going after these types of incidents is that there would be more. 

"You sure you okay Liam?" Niall asked noting his blank expression. 

"I'm fine man," he smiled. "Just thinking a lot."

"About?" Harry jumped in. 

"Just some stuff," Liam looked out the window. 

"Come on. We're your best mates. You have to tell us," Harry joked while Louis and Zayn started paying close attention now.

"Just thinking a lot lately. About my love life. I don't like being single," Liam took a deep breathe. "But I can't ask someone to be put through everything that it takes to be one of our girlfriends."

"Oh," the other four said in unison.

"I mean," he sighed. "Louis has Eleanor. A solid girl, she keeps him grounded. Zayn has Perrie. A wonderful girl who will be his wife. We all know that. Niall and Harry, I know you both don't have girls but you know for me it is different."

None of the other lads really knew what to say. What could they say? There wasn't a right way to approach the statements they had just received. 

"You'll find the right girl eventually Liam," Louis finally said. "Just give it a little time."

"Louis is right mate," Zayn noted. 

"I hope you boys are right," Liam said as he stared out the window. He hoped that was the end of their conversation. 

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