Look at the way he's stacking up the wood, like he's some type of macho man. Obviously trying to impress me. He's completely clueless that he's overrated in my mind. And his jeans are way too tight. You know, he's not as hot as he thinks he is with sweat dripping down his forehead. And his neck. And his chest. And- Stop it.

... News flash, Owen. We're history.


16. Sixteen

My eyes open in a flutter, and there's a lot more light in the room compared to the last time they were open. And then it hits me that its morning. And there's a warm body next to mine. 

I turn my face slightly to see Owen sleeping. He has his arms wrapped loosely around my middle and he's breathing softly in my ear. I haven't totally decided if I completely forgive him for yesterday, but I can't help want to grab his face and kiss him. Instead, I escape from his warmth and tip toe into the kitchen, grabbing my cardigan off the floor on my way out. I fold the fabric against my my stomach and squeeze my eyes shut until I get there. "Good morning, chipmunk." I shudder at the sound of my older brother's voice. 

"Hi." I grab a banana without looking at him, and sit across from him at the table. He's drinking coffee and reading the paper, like a dad. I clear my throat and he just smiles. When he straightens out his paper, he speaks again.

"You two better get ready for school." He sips his coffee, and I chew on my banana. "You're already and hour late." I look at the time on the clock and its almost nine o'clock. I get up without saying another word. I just bashfully smile at James and toss the rest of my fruit in the trash. Then I return to my room. 

I decide to go along with my previous plan and climb on top of Owen. I kiss him on his ear, and he moves his body so he's on his back. His eyes are still closed, and he's half asleep. But he's awake enough to move his hand to my backside. And then he jolts, and his eyes open. He sits up and I wonder when he took his shirt off. "It's morning." he says. 

"I know." I nod. 

"Your brother-"

"He knows." Owen starts kissing my chin and migrates to my neck. "He's in the kitchen and we're late for school." he groans and kisses harder for just a second, and he sucks on a specific spot for a long time. I whimper without meaning to and push him away so I can get dressed. I started clothing myself with a pair of light blue capris, and top it with a long-sleeved black shirt that shows my cleavage. Owen watches me in the mirror while I put my make-up on, and he bites his lip. I roll my eyes with a smile and continue to apply my lipstick. 

When we leave, Owen takes it upon himself to shake James' hand. "Nice to see you again." my brother says, a sarcastic smile slapped on his face. Owen nods awkwardly and I pull him by the arm to get him out the door already. We get breakfast on the way to school, and in the parking lot, Owen and I fight over who gets to keep the big juice we ordered. 

"I paid for it." He says. 

"Well I'm prettier." i joke, leaning in for a kiss to get what I want. 

"I beg to differ." He grins, pressing his lips to mine before I can gasp at his comment. I win the juice and we go our separate way to our third period classes. 


"Here you go, Norma." I hand her a cup of tea and she gratefully takes it. I watch her closely while she drinks, and I jolt when Owen slams the front door. He's angry, I can tell by the look on his face. He said he was going to pick up his mom's medicine, but he was gone for two hours. And I can't help but wonder if he went to go see his girlfriend. 

"Hey baby." He leans down to kiss me, and puts on a happy face for Norma. "How you feeling, Ma?" he pecks her on top of her hair and she gives him a smile for the first time all day. 

"Okay." she says simply, and I stand up from the floor. Owen follows me into the kitchen and I start rinsing the dishes that I used to serve Norma dinner. He sighs out out his mouth when hes close to me, and I feel his breath on my neck. My hair is up in a bun, and my shoulder are exposed. I pause when he presses his lips to my bare skin.

And I speak. "So why are you upset?" 

"Me and Ava got into a fight." And I could not believe that he'd said that right to my face.

"Oh." Was all I could say. He just told me that he went to go see his other girl while I stayed here to take care of his mother. I clench my teeth, and scrub the plate in my hands. "I thought you went to the pharmacy." 

"Yeah I did." he drifts away, and now he stands next to me instead of behind me. "But her place was on the way so I stopped by." 

"And what did you fight about?" 


My body freezes, and my eyes shift upwards so I'm not focused on the glass dish anymore. "Me? What about me?" I finish off the plate after a second and dry it with a towel. 

"I had to assure her that there's nothing going on between us." I swallow hard. "Listen, Pres. You can't tell her that we're-"

"I don't talk to her." I say. 

"I know you don't. But I don't-"

"You don't what?" I dry my hands as the anger rises in my throat. I know i'll explode. "You don't want to lose her?" I throw the towel at him, and he catches it without difficulty. "Go ahead, say it." 

"I care about her, that's all." 

"Well if she's your girlfriend," I feel my body sag with stress. "Then what am I?" 

We just stand there, staring at each other. Our breathing has a rhythm, hard and slow. Owen doesn't say anything, so I walk to the couch where Norma is almost asleep. "Are you leaving?" she asks, reaching for my hand. I squeeze it and nod. "Why don't you spend the night with us?" I press my lips together.

"I'll see you soon." I kiss her hand and adjust her blanket near her feet. 

"Presley." Owen says, coming out of the kitchen. I calmly walk to the door with a tear falling from my eye. I can hear his footsteps getting closer and I close the door between us before he can catch up to me. 

I jog home instead of walk, because I suddenly enjoy the feeling of my lungs screaming and my calves burning. 


Another fight. The same old shit. I know he'll come back but I don't know if I want him to. 

Owen has made me cry so many times that I lost count quite some time ago. Right now the bigger part of me hates him so much, and the rest of me is completely in love with him. If that even makes any sense. But I'd never tell him that. I hate myself for even feeling that way. Even after how he's treated me. I don't want to lose him, so I let him keep doing it and I always forgive him. I turn into liquid and I wimp out, that's why our makeup sex is so good. 

I'm laying here in my bed. No black cherry ice cream, no fluffy blanket cuddled on the couch. I'm just crying. Crying and crying. And then when I hear James get home, I shut up because I don't want him to hear me. So I just stare at the ceiling after a while. I have a whole week off, and I have no clue how to distract myself until I can get back to school and focus on my work. 

When I get up to get something to eat, I see James and Kaylin on the couch making out. He's got his hand on her butt and she's holding on to him like he'll slip away from her at any second. I suddenly lose my appetite, and turn on my heels back to my room. I want to cry again, so I cover my mouth until I get into my bed. Tears won't flow out, but I'm still making the noises. I bite my tongue when someone knocks on my door. "P, there's someone at the door for you." he says it in a way that sounds provocative, like he's teasing me. I roll my eyes because I know exactly who it is. 

"Tell him to go away." 

"Okay." He can sense that I'm serious, and he doesn't question me any further. After a minute or two I hear a manly shout and all of a sudden my door opens. The sounds of the creak makes me shiver and I can make out the sound of his deep breaths. I sniffle so he knows that I've been crying. 


"Get out." I make my voice hoarse and I don't dare to look at him. I feel his hand on my shoulder and I sit up to push him away. It's sort of like a reflex, but when I realize that I'm looking at him, I look away. He has that look on his face. The one he had on when he walked into his house after fighting with Ava. I thought about how his face contorted into a smile when he walked over and kissed me. He called me baby, something he hadn't done since we were together. "Get out." I repeat. I stand up and start to push him out of my room, but he swats my arms away. And then he tries to kiss me. You know, the thing when the girl is mad and the guy distracts her in the middle of their fight by kissing her and she totally forgets what they were fighting about and ends up kissing him back. When he puts his mouth on mine, I knock him with my fist in the chest and stumble back. Then I wipe my mouth and watch him while he stands there, stunned. I attempt to push him out again, and he lets me this time. I slam my bedroom door in his face and turn the little lock on my knob. 

I put my hands on my hot cheeks, where he put his hands to kiss me. I just sigh as loud as I can and wait a few minutes until I'm sure he's gone. Then I unlock my door and walk back to my bed. Another noise comes from the door that makes me jump. "Are you okay?" Kaylin says. 

I don't look at her. "Never better." Then I belly flop onto my mattress and cover my head with my pillow.

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