Regret - A Harry Styles Fanfiction

When Emma Gilbert and her mom move she has to go to a new school, the first person she meets is a boy named Harry. When Harry's friends find out about Emma they dare Harry to ask her out on a date and to try to get her to fall in love with him. As time goes on Emma starts to fall in love with Harry more and more everyday, he continues to pretend to care about her so that he can win the dare. Harry soon realizes that he actually cares about Emma and that he is actually falling in love with her. What will happen when Emma finds out about the dare? Will Harry regret his decision? Where will it leave them both?


6. Chapter 5

I walked out the school doors and made my way down the street to my house. It wasn't that long of a walk, plus my mom is at a work meeting and I didn't want to disturb her asking her to pick me up when I can easily just walk home. I thought about everything that happened today and smiled to myself. Maybe Harry helping me and Caroline could be a chance for me and him to get close. Even if its just as friends, I like all the new friends that I've made and I think I've done quite well considering this is still the first week of school but there's something special about Harry that makes me want to get to know him better and I'm desperate to find out what that is. 
    I walked past a few food stands with carrots, potatoes and lots of other vegetables stacked on brown wooden stands with  smiling people standing behind them trying their best to attract costumers. The streets were so busy, traffic everywhere, kids riding on their bikes, people walking and bumping into you everywhere you turn. Typical day, nothing new. I seen there was a crowd of people surrounding a small brown building. I walked over to see what was going on.  There was a new perfume shop opening, I decided to wait with the many people standing outside the doors so I could take a look inside, I had nothing better to do. No homework, nobody to hang out with because everyone was busy doing their own thing and like I had said earlier, my mom is at work so nobody would be home anyway. I waited in the line for a while when I noticed there was a girl standing in front of me with light blonde  hair wearing a dark blue beanie which matched the color of her eyes, she looked really excited. "Hi! I can't wait to go in there! I've been waiting 3 months for this! I'm so excited!" She squeaked. I smiled, she reminded me of Caroline. Blonde  hair, blue eyes, same happy expression on her face every single time you look at her.
 "Hi" I answered shyly. 
"They are about to open, only two more minutes to go!" 
She cheered, clapping her hands excitedly. I giggled and nodded my head. Not long after the doors opened and people started piling in. Maybe I should wait for another day when there's not so many people here, then I will be able to move around more and get to actually look around properly. Before I could turn around I was pushed in through the doors by the group of people behind me. I shrugged it off and decided to stay and look for a bit considering I waited outside for a pretty long time and I didn't want it to be a waste of time. 

  As I was walking through one of the aisles I noticed that Carrie was here with a group of her friends. They stood behind her and didn't dare to cut in front of her to pick out the perfume they wanted. She had first pick, always. They treat her like royalty and I really don't understand why. She's nobody special, she's just as important as everyone else in our school but apparently nobody else thinks so. I watched as she pushed a girl with dirty blond hair and blue eyes out of the way so she could get to something she wanted to buy. The girl got up and brushed off her jeans then shot Carrie a glare. She turned and walked away in the opposite direction, I quickly followed her. She walked down a dark hallway to the washroom and slammed the door behind her as she walked in. I debated wether I should go see if she was okay, she was treated pretty badly and clearly she is upset. But I don't want to seem nosy, I mean it's none of my business. My feet made up the decision for me and I found my self walking down the hall to the bathroom. When I opened the door I seen the girl sitting in the corner with her knees up to her chest, crying. 
"Are you okay?" I asked quietly. She looked up at me with teary eyes but she didn't say anything. I sat down next to her.
"I seen what she did to you, it isn't right, the way she treats you". The girl slowly nodded. A loud sigh escaped her lips before she spoke.
"She treats everyone like that, I don't take it personally". She rubbed her eyes and wiped  off the tears running down her cheeks. 
"I just wish she would realize how much her friends really care about her. She can be a pain sometimes but we've  known each other since we were just 3 years old. We practically grew up together, lately I'm nothing but another one of her 'followers' . We used to be best friends". Tears started running down her face again. I felt really bad for her, I've seen her around school and she really seems like a nice person but Carrie treats her like shes a piece of garbage.  She doesn't deserve to be treated this way, nobody does. I can understand why she's hurt but I don't understand why she would still want to be Carrie's friend after all she's done to her.
"I understand what you're saying, but if someone is treating you badly you shouldn't just stand by them and pretend that everything is okay then cry alone somewhere to yourself afterwards. You should either talk to her about it or just leave and hang out with other people. She'll then realize what she's done and she'll come and talk to you about it and if she doesn't she isn't worth the tears." I gave her a reassuring smile and she nodded slightly. 
"Yeah, I guess you're right. You're the new girl aren't you? Emma right?" 
"Yep, that's me" I answered nodding my head. She laughed.
"I'm Quinn". She held out her hand for me to shake then we both stood up. 
"Do you want to come over to my house for a bit? I know we just met and you don't have to if you don't want to but I was going to a watch a movie and it would be cool to have a movie buddy" she giggled.
"Sure, what movie did you have in mind?" 
"Not sure yet, we can go to the movie store and pick one out if you want. I took money with me." 
"Okay, how about you pay for the movie and I'll pay for the popcorn?". 
She smiled. "Sounds good" she gestured for me to follow her and we walked out of the store and down the street. 
  We walked downtown, which was a pretty long walk and went to the closest movie store we could find. There was barely anyone in the store which was good, at least we could actually move around. Unlike the perfume store but that understandable because it was a new store just opening. Quinn searched the movie racks for something good to watch while I searched for some popcorn and some other snacks that we could eat. I grabbed a bag of popcorn and some M&M's from the shelf and went to find Quinn. When she seen me walking towards her a smile appeared on her lips. 
"Hey Emma, look at this". She held up a movie case with some dinosaurs on it "Land Before Time" was written on the top. As soon as I seen the title a smile  curved on my lips. 
"I used to love 'The Land Before Time'!" I laughed.
"Me too! I watched it everyday" Quinn looked down at the movie case once more then back up at me. A smirk appeared on her face.
"Wanna get it and watch it for old times sake?" I laughed.
"Why not?" She grinned and we both walked up to the cashier.

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