Regret - A Harry Styles Fanfiction

When Emma Gilbert and her mom move she has to go to a new school, the first person she meets is a boy named Harry. When Harry's friends find out about Emma they dare Harry to ask her out on a date and to try to get her to fall in love with him. As time goes on Emma starts to fall in love with Harry more and more everyday, he continues to pretend to care about her so that he can win the dare. Harry soon realizes that he actually cares about Emma and that he is actually falling in love with her. What will happen when Emma finds out about the dare? Will Harry regret his decision? Where will it leave them both?


3. Chapter 3

I started walking away because I didn't want to be late for class then a large hand grabbed my small one.
"Wait, I didn't get a chance to say what I was going to say. You won't be late, don't worry". I slowly turned to face him. He smiled.
"Maybe tomorrow at lunch we could hang out or something. Like I could show you around and you could meet my friends and we can get to know each other better. Meet me at my locker?" his green eyes were bright with hope, starring at me waiting for me to answer.
"Yeah, okay. That sounds like fun. But.. I don't know where your locker is. What number is it?"
"It's this one right here, it's right next to yours" he pointed to the locker that he was standing in front of. I nodded.
"I'll see you tomorrow" he smiled showing his dimples as he walked down the hall. I started walking to my next class which was English, I smiled to myself. He seemed like such a nice guy, and he had the cutest smile, cheekiest smirk and adorable dimples. His eyes is what I love the most about him- my thoughts were interrupted when I heard someone yell from behind me.
 "HEY! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE IN CLASS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" A man with a large build made his way towards me, anger written all over his face.
"I- uh, I can't find my classroom sir. Sorry I-"
"Sorry sir, I'm new here. I don't know the rules" I starred at the floor, not wanting to look at his face.
"Okay, fine. I'll let it slip for this ONE time and this ONE time only. What's your name? I'll help you find your class" his voice was a lot more calming than before. I took my schedule out of my bag and handed it to him.
"I'm Emma Gilbert sir" he scanned the green piece of paper and handed it back to me.
"Okay, miss Gilbert your English class is right this way" he pointed down the hall and started walking. I wondered if this was the teacher Caroline had warned me about. Mr. King? Was that his name? I couldn't remember but just to be on the safe side I decided I wouldn't do anything to get on his bad side. I would just stay quiet and smile. That always works... It does for me anyway. When we approached the door to my English class the man gestured for me to knock on the door and then he walked away in the opposite direction. What was his problem? And why do I always get lost? It shouldn't be this hard to find a classroom, I shouldn't have to ask someone for directions every time I need to get somewhere. I guess I'll get used to it then I'll find my way around just fine. I brushed the thought to back of my mind and knocked on the door to the classroom.
*at the end of the school day*
It was finally the end of a long first day. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, I made two maybe three new friends counting Harry and I'm going to meet his friends tomorrow, that's something to look forward to right? When I walked out of the school I seen my mom sitting in the car waiting for me to come out. I walked over and hopped in.
"How was your day Me?" she started the engine of the car and began to drive.
"It was fine". I looked out the window as she drove, I loved looking at the all the different sights while driving along the road, sometimes I would see a deer or a rabbit I loved animals so that's what I would look out for the most.
"Just fine? That's it? Not good or great, just fine?" We stopped at a red traffic light and she looked at me, waiting for me to talk.
"It was good, I made some new friends" She smiled and lightly patted my knee.
"See I told you that you wouldn't have trouble making friends, you'll have a great year this yeah. I know you will" We continued driving until we pulled up at our new house. Last night was the first night I had slept in there, it was good but I missed my old home. I spent my whole life in there and it holds so many memories. The more I think about home the more I think about my old friends and then I think about Trey. I really miss him, more than my old house, old school and old city put together. Tears started to burn in my eyes as I made my way up the stairs and into my room. I still had some things to unpack so I decided to try my hardest not to think about my old life and more about my new one. I could always go back and visit my old friends at any time I wanted to so it wasn't a huge issue and I'm not going to make a huge issue of it by crying. I pulled a brown cardboard box from the hallway into my room and started unpacking it. I just have some of my clothes left to put away then I can relax and watch television for a bit before bed.

Sorry this one is a bit shorter, I didn't have much time to write. Tell me what you guys think so far :)

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