Regret - A Harry Styles Fanfiction

When Emma Gilbert and her mom move she has to go to a new school, the first person she meets is a boy named Harry. When Harry's friends find out about Emma they dare Harry to ask her out on a date and to try to get her to fall in love with him. As time goes on Emma starts to fall in love with Harry more and more everyday, he continues to pretend to care about her so that he can win the dare. Harry soon realizes that he actually cares about Emma and that he is actually falling in love with her. What will happen when Emma finds out about the dare? Will Harry regret his decision? Where will it leave them both?


2. Chapter 2

I tapped his shoulder and he turned to face me.

"Hey Emma" he looked straight into my eyes.

"Hi" I starred around the room. . "I- uh I was wondering if I could borrow your notes?"

"Sure, why do you need them? Were you too busy starring at someone to pay attention to the lesson?" He smirked. My eyes widened, I didn't think he had noticed me looking. My cheeks weren't just hot now, they were burning. I starred at the ground hoping he hadn't noticed the color change in my face.

"Emma?" He starred down at me.

"I have to go" I quickly walked away from him down the hall. I had to get as far away as possible. 'Why am I so stupid?!' I thought to myself as I turned the corner. I leant up against the wall and starred at the posters plastered on the billboard across the hall. I heard footsteps walking towards me. A figure turned the corner and started to approach me. It was Harry. What do I do now? What should I say? Before I could even think he was standing right in front of me.

"You left before I got the chance to give you these" he handed me his notebook. I took it and put it in my bag.

"Thanks" I smiled. He started to turn but stopped.

"You know something?" I looked up at him waiting for him to continue.

"I like it when you blush, it's cute" he winked and walked down the hall to his next class. I quickly turned the other way and started walking as fast as I could. I could not have made that more awkward, it was impossible. A normal teenage girl doesn't just ask for someone's notes then practically run away from them because they can't handle talking to them without turning as red as a tomato. But I'm not a normal teenage girl, most of the popular girls you see in school can go around and talk to every guy in school and make it look so easy. But me? I can't even look a cute guy without blushing or looking away straight when they lay their eyes on me. That's one of the things I hate about myself. The only guy I can talk to without getting nervous or embarrassed around is my best guy friend Trey. We've been friends now since we were both 3 or 4 years old and we've been through everything together. If there's one person I miss the most since the move, it's him. I looked up at the clock on the wall and seen that it was 11:10, I had exactly more minute to get to class or I would be late. My next class was Science, I was trying to remember the directions that Mr. Tanner gave me but I couldn't so I followed the numbers on the doors. I was standing in front of room 119, I had to get to 101 this shouldn't be too hard. It was now 11:11, second period had already started "shoot" I mumbled under my breath but I kept going until I found a brown color door with the number "101" and a sign at the top that had "Mrs. Harries" written on it. It was only 11:12 so if I knock now I can say that I got lost, and I would only be one minute late which isn't bad. I knocked on the door and waited, a tall woman with black hair opened it and walked outside.

"Hello, how can I help you?" she smiled sweetly.

"I'm Emma Gilbert, I'm new here sorry I'm late. I got lost"

"Oh yes! The office told me I was going to have a new student today, why don't you come inside and take a seat. Don't worry about being late, it's your first day just don't let it happen again, okay?" I nodded and followed her inside the class.

"You can take a seat right there next to Caroline" she pointed the middle row of seats in the classroom. Caroline smiled and gestured for me to sit next to her.

"Hi Emma! How are you finding your day so far? I mean I know it just started and this is only second period but do you like it here so far?" she waited for me to answer.

"Yeah, everyone's so nice. Even the teachers, back at my old school the teachers where more cranky and rude than nice"

"Really? We have some of those types of teachers but the way it is here is if you're nice to them, they'll be nice to you. Just get on their good side. Especially Mr. King, you NEED to be on his good side or you're in for the worst year of your high school life. He's quite strict, you haven't met him yet though" I nodded. Before we could continue our conversation Mrs. Harries put a video up on her computer about physiques and everyone in the class quieted down to watch it. I looked around the room in search for Harry but he wasn't there, at least I have one class where I know I won't make myself look stupid around him. Once the video was finished Mrs. Harries got up from her chair and made her way to the front center of the classroom.

"Considering this is your first day back I figured this would be a good way to start off the school year. Class will be over in 3 minutes, you can gather your things and wait for the bell." The sound of rustling papers and pencil case zippers filled the room as everyone put away their things. Next was recess break then period 3. So far this day is going by REALLY slowly but I really like Caroline, she's really nice to me and I think we might end up as really good friends before the year is over which gets my mind off worrying about being alone all year. The bell rang and everyone left the classroom. Now I had to find my locker again so I can put my books away and look for Caroline. While we were waiting for the bell to ring she said she would introduce me to some of her friends so I can get to know some of the people who go to school here. It surprisingly didn't take me long to find my locker, or memorize my combination. I put my books away and closed my locker. I turned around to see a excited Caroline standing there waiting for me.

"Come on, we only have 20 minutes that's not a lot of time to get you socializing!" she grabbed my arm and dragged me down the hall until we were standing in front of a girl with straight long blonde hair and light brown eyes.

"Hey Caroline, who's this?" she pointed to me in curiosity.

"This is Emma, Emma this is Jamie" she pointed to girl who was now smiling.

"Hey" she held out her hand for me to shake. We talked for a while then I realized we only had 5 minutes left of break.

"I think I should go find my locker again, I don't really know my way around here yet and I might get lost again."

"I'll help you find your next class if you want" Jamie suggested as she closed her locker door and locked it.

"Okay, thanks. I'll talk to you later Caroline, thanks again!" She nodded as I waved goodbye and followed Jamie down the hall.. We were about to turn the corner when someone banged straight into Jamie and made her books scatter all over the hall floor. It reminded me of the events that had happened earlier on that day when I banged into Harry.

"Watch where you're going loser" a girl, who had short blonde hair with light blue tips stood in front of Jamie.

"Sorry, Carrie. I didn't see you there" Jamie looked up at her with guilt all over her face.

"Yeah whatever" she walked away, a bunch of people following straight behind her. Jamie sighed and started picking up her scattered books. I knelt down and helped her.

"Who was that? She seems rude" I looked at her as we both stood up and continued on our way to my locker.

"That's Carrie, one of the most popular girls in school and yeah, she is quite rude. I've never done anything to her but she treats me like I've done something to ruin her life and she's never going to forgive me. I really don't like her" I nodded.

"This is my locker, yours is just across the hall over there" she pointed to a group of people standing in a circle by the lockers.

"Okay, thanks" I smiled and went to my locker to get my books for my third period class. I closed my locker door and seen Harry leaning up against the locker next to mine smirking. Before either of us could say anything the bell rang.

Please comment what you guys think, I might be able to update again tomorrow if you want me to :)

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