Is this what you call a family? (A Broken Daughters Broken Love)

Kayleigh Quinn grew up in a home where her father wasn't present and her mom had to leave her when she was younger.She's now 27 and she's living her dreams with her successful band Forsake The Beautiful Minds.But what happeneds when her father comes back into her life?Will Kayleigh and her father have a close bond?Or will Kayleigh reject her father's wishes to connect with her?


3. Unacceptable Mistake

~Kayleigh's P.O.V/In her dream~

I watched as my parents argued...I didn't know what was going on.Next thing,I knew...I saw my father walking out of the door with a bag in his hand.I shook my head as I watched him walk out,slamming the door behind him.I walked into my room and put my headphones on my ears.I rolled my eyes at the thought of him.He had his choice...And he chose himself....He didn't even wanna stay for the sake of his own kids.Me,my two sisters and my brother...He's stayed out for hours,days months at a time.Without even telling us where...I wouldn't care if he never came back again.

"Do you even miss us?Your bottles?Your mistress?I need to know.I need to know"

I grabbed my notebook.This notebook was full of songs,I've written.I turned to a half filled page..The starting of a song called "A broken daughters broken love".I grabbed a pen and started writing.The feelings and emotions just flowed out of me,through the pen and onto the paper.The hell,I go through when my father leaves for days on end and doesn't tell us where he's going.But he's gone now...for good...And to be completely honest,even though it does hurt...At least my mother won't be crying anymore about Dad....The phone rung,my mom was crying excessively and to me that was a sign to get the phone.I sat my notebook down on my bed and ran downstairs to go get the phone.I picked it up and answered the phone."Hello?",I answered."Hello?Kayleigh?Hey sweetheart",I heard my father's voice on the other end of the line."What do you want?",I asked."Look,I'm sorry I left.Tell you brother and sisters that I love them.And that one day we will all be family again",He said."When?!Once you stop going out for months at a time?!When you learn to stay here for the children you made?!Is this what you call a family?!",I yelled into the phone before slamming it back down on the base.

~Kayleigh wakes up,she sits up and looks down at her hands~

"And I mean it,I don't care if he ever came back",I mumbled to myself as I thought of all the hell he put me through.I fidgeted with my hands as tears started to run down my face.The words "One day we will be a family again" rang through my head....Then the words "Is this what you call a family?",shouted in my head....My father made a huge unacceptable mistake....

"Last thing I heard,you were fed up.You're skipping town.With no note telling where"

I heard a noise coming from somewhere in the bus.It was kinda like a muffled noise...I looked around,then I listened closely.It sounds like my ringtone on  my phone.I lifted up my pillow and sure,enough my phone was ringing..It was my fiancee Brendan calling.I picked my phone up and quickly walked into the back room of the bus,closing the door behind me quietly."Hello?",I said as I answered the ever pending call."Hey Babe..Um,I got some weird call.Some guy named Adam Quinn called",Brendan said."Adam Quinn?",I asked.That name seemed to ring a bell....But I don't know exactly where I've heard that name from."Yeah,some guy named Adam Quinn was asking for you...Wait,isn't that you're brother?",Brendan asked."Nope..My brother's name is Matthew Quinn",I answered."Hmmm....I wonder who Adam Quinn could be",Brendan said.Once he said the name again,images of my father started to flash through my mind....Adam Quinn is my father.....A tear rolled down my face....I wiped it quickly...I'm not gonna cry over the man who left me and my two sisters and brother and also the man who made my mom cry."You still there,babe?",Brendan asked."Bren?....",I said."Yeah babe?",Brendan answered."Adam",I started...A big bubble formed at the back of my throat making it hard for me to speak....."Adam father",I finally choked out."Your father?",Brendan asked me."Yes....he's my father",I repeated....The thought of that man ever being my father made me sick to my stomach...."What did he want anyway?",I asked Brendan."He asked if you lived here.I said yes but I also mentioned that you aren't home.He said that he wanted to speak with you",Brendan said."He wanted to speak to me?Why?So he can try to make up for lost time with me?So he can try and come back into my life and say we will be a family again?No!It's not happening",I said,anger and raged seemed to be very audible in my voice."Kay,calm down please?",Brendan said."But it's the shit that he put me through...I can never forgive that man",I said."I know,babe.But,just know that I'll never do that to any of our children.You will never have to go through what you're mother went through",Brendan said.I smiled at the reassuring words that Brendan said to me."Thanks Bren,Now you go to bed.I know you're tired as hell",I giggled as I said that."Okay.Bye babe",Brendan said."Bye",I said before I hung up.Then after I hung up from Brendan,my phone went off again.I looked at the screen to see an unknown number.Who the hell is this?!I thought to myself."Hello",I answered."Hello?Kayleigh?",I heard a deep voice say from the other end of the line........

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