Is this what you call a family? (A Broken Daughters Broken Love)

Kayleigh Quinn grew up in a home where her father wasn't present and her mom had to leave her when she was younger.She's now 27 and she's living her dreams with her successful band Forsake The Beautiful Minds.But what happeneds when her father comes back into her life?Will Kayleigh and her father have a close bond?Or will Kayleigh reject her father's wishes to connect with her?


4.'s you....

~Kayleigh's P.O.V~ "Hello",I answered."Hello?Kayleigh?",I heard a deep voice say from the other end of the line."Who is this?",I asked."It's me,Kayleigh....Your father",The man on the other line said."My heart suddenly stopped...then it skipped two beats."'s you",I said as my pace finally returned to normal."Look,Kayleigh....I know you hate me.But just hear me out...I miss you.I miss all of my kids",My father said."Yeah,you miss us....After the fact that we can take care of ourselves now and you weren't there to help raise us.Yeah,you miss us now....I believe you so much,Dad",I said as I got angry again...Sarcasm filled my voice...."Kayleigh,we will be a family again",my estranged father said."I'm sure,we will....Dad",I said...My voice turning into a more gloomy,somber whisper.."I'm glad to see that you're doing well",My father said."Thanks....",I said."You're in that band called Forsake The Beautiful Minds,right?",my dad asked."Yeah....",I replied.I looked down at my feet as me and my so-called father grew silent."Look,Dad...I have to go.I have a show to play tomorrow and i'm gonna sound horrible on stage tomorrow if I don't get my rest.So I'll talk to you some other time",I said.

~Kayleigh's father's P.O.V~

I missed hearing my daughter's voice.She sounded so grown up.I missed all of my children.And of course,she's right....I wasn't there to take care of my children like I was suppose to and I feel horrible for doing that to my ex-wife and children.But I want to reconnect with them again."Alright,Bye Sweetheart",I said to my daughter before we hung up.


~Kayleigh's P.O.V~

I turned my phone off before returning to my bunk....I laid in my bunk.My eyes closing as I slowly drift off to sleep.


~Next Morning~


My eyes fluttered open as I sat up in my bunk.Time to get ready for today's set.I smiled as I went through my stuff and grabbed my clothes for today.I grabbed my toothbrush and ran to the bathroom.I grabbed the toothpaste and put it on my toothbrush and I started to brush my teeth.Humming my "brushing teeth song" as I brushed.And yeah....I make a song out of practically everything,hehe. After I finished brushing my teeth,I got in the shower.Casually,singing as I showered.Once I finished showering,I wrapped my towel around me and then I changed into my clothes for the day.I washed my face with my blue wash cloth and after that,I changed into my clothes.I loved toms....The only thing is that....Toms are not very good support for jumping off of things sometimes.But anyway,that's a different story.I walked out of the bathroom and Gabby was standing outside the bathroom."You take forever in the bathroom",Gabby said."Dude,I can't help it",I said with a slight giggle.


~Gabby's P.O.V~

I wonder why KayKay takes so long in the bathroom sometimes.


~Kayleigh's P.O.V~

After everyone in the band got ready.It was time for sound check.Me and the girls ran out of the bus and up the stairs onto the stage.Seeing that our instruments and equipment were already set up.I stood in front of my microphone stand.Gabby got behind her drum kit.Justine,Jessie and Alex all got their guitars."What song are we starting off with?",Gabby asked."Sense",I told her.Sense was the title track of our latest album "Sense".Then we started playing our song "Sense".So the song set up goes this way,we play some songs off of our new album while mixing some old songs off of our previous albums in there.We started playing our song "A Broken Daughters Broken Love" off of our second album "Eternal Riffs".Sometimes I sit on the edge of the stage for this performance and I just sing...But I feel like giving a more angst-driven performance today.It seems like every time I perform this song I give an angst-driven performance but this is just one of those days where I wanna go crazy and have fun on stage like I do for every performance we give.Next performance was "You and your reality"...The title track of our first album "You and your reality".We finished sound check and then the bands Violet-X had sound check but they performed on a different stage.And of course,I had to watch my best friend Vicky tear it up with her band.


~Later That Day,After Forsake The Beautiful Minds finished their concert set~

I walked down the stairs off the stage.Then I heard my name...."Kayleigh",the voice said.Then I turned around to look towards the person who called my name."'s you...",I said.

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