Is this what you call a family? (A Broken Daughters Broken Love)

Kayleigh Quinn grew up in a home where her father wasn't present and her mom had to leave her when she was younger.She's now 27 and she's living her dreams with her successful band Forsake The Beautiful Minds.But what happeneds when her father comes back into her life?Will Kayleigh and her father have a close bond?Or will Kayleigh reject her father's wishes to connect with her?


6. Do things the right way

~Kayleigh's P.O.V~

I pulled my phone out of my pocket as I was walking back to the bus.Maybe I should call my cousin,Kellin. He was always so wise and had the best advice for me.And yeah,if you were wondering....Kellin Quinn,the lead singer of the band Sleeping With Sirens is my cousin...And it's strange because we're only cousin's and we look exactly a like.Except I'm a woman and he's a man...And also I forgot to answer Kellin's question about Forsake The Beautiful Minds being a supporting act on the Sleeping With Sirens tour.Well,this gives me another reason to call him.I dialed Kellin's number."Hello?",I heard Kellin answer."Hey Kells.It's me,Kayleigh",I said with a smile.I could tell Kellin was probably angry but it was more like a playfully angry when it came to me."Really?Kells?How old are we?",he said with a chuckle.I laughed at him,shaking my head slightly."So what's up,Kay?",Kellin asked."Nothing much,just been thinking",I said."About what?",he asked."Well,my father....he....came back",I told him.It was silent for a few seconds before Kellin finally spoke.


~Kellin's P.O.V~

Kayleigh's father is back....It took me a few seconds to process it before I actually spoke again."He found you after such a long time?",I asked."Yeah....Apparently,he called my fiancee first",she said."So how are you handling it?",Kellin asked."To be honest,maybe I sound ridiculous for saying this but...I really don't see why he came back.I grew up....I can take care of myself now",she said."I know how you feel,Kayleigh...I mean,my father wasn't perfect but he raised me like he should've...",I explained."I hate my father for what he did to me,my mothers and my siblings",Kayleigh said."I know,Kayleigh,but just hear him out.Please?If you actually let him explain the reason why he left,maybe you wouldn't hate him so much.And maybe...just maybe you might be able to have a close bond",I told Kayleigh...I can tell she was probably thinking this whole thing through....She was taking in everything I said...


~Kayleigh's P.O.V~

And as usual....Kellin and his wise words have knocked some sense into my head once again...I took a few seconds to actually process what he said and bit by bit,it started to make sense..At the time that my father left,I didn't quite understand what the problem was.And maybe if I let my father explain,I can get a better sense of what went on."Thanks Kell.You're the best cousin ever",I said to Kellin."No problem Kay Kay",Kellin said,followed by a slight chuckle."Oh and Kellin,I have the answer to your question about Forsake The Beautiful Minds touring with Sleeping With Sirens",I said in excitement."So what is it?",Kellin asked."Hell yeah!",I replied,with a giggle."Cool...Do you mind if we stop in Michigan while you're there?",Kellin asked."Of course,I don't mind at all.And speaking of Michigan.We're there right now.We play shows for two more nights here than we go to San Diego,California....Then Los Angeles,California",I said."Awesome!Can we come to San Diego and Los Angeles too?",Kellin asked."You can come along for the whole damn tour!",I said to Kellin."Cool!",He said."Alright,I gotta go.But I'm definitely calling you again later",I told Kellin."Alright.See ya in Michigan,Kay",Kellin said."See ya,Kell",I said excitedly before hanging up.I walked back down the path I had just came from....I saw my father sitting on the bench..."Hey Dad",I said as I sat down next to him again.He looked at me.A smile began to form on his face."Hey Kayleigh...Before you say anything else...just let me explain something to you",he said to me.I looked at him and nodded.This is the only time I'm actually willing to be all ears with him..."I know you hate me and I couldn't blame you...But at the time...a lot of things were going on between your mother and me",he said...


~Adam's (Kayleigh's Father) P.O.V ~

I'm gonna see if she'll sit here with me long enough to let me explain..."You were a kid and I know you probably didn't know what really went on...All you know is that I left without saying goodbye...And I will admit,I feel like a horrible father for that",I told my daughter."But why,Dad?Why didn't you at least tell us?",Kayleigh asked,her eyes seemed to soften a bit."I knew you guys wouldn't understand because you were so young",I explained."Me and your mother were arguing more frequently due to my staying out for day,weeks,sometimes months at a time.And that was the reason why I left",I added."But,it's the way you left,dad.You just upped and left...With no goodbye,no words,not even a note.....telling us where you were going.You just left!",Kayleigh said."But Kayleigh,maybe we can start over again...We'll be a family again",I told her."You can't clean up the mess you've made!",she said,this time she was standing up and looking at me.She shook her head and started to walk away.


~Kayleigh's P.O.V~

I started to walk away...He walked out of my life without saying I'm walking out of his...I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked the time..."9:45 pm",I said to myself as I looked at the time. I've literally been running around on a stage all day.Doing performances with my band,then doing guest performances on songs for Violet-X..I can finally go back to the bus and rest.I can just relax without my problem with my father nagging at me.He's out of my life now and that's the way things will stay.I'm free now.


"I am free now.Free to live without my fears"

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