Is this what you call a family? (A Broken Daughters Broken Love)

Kayleigh Quinn grew up in a home where her father wasn't present and her mom had to leave her when she was younger.She's now 27 and she's living her dreams with her successful band Forsake The Beautiful Minds.But what happeneds when her father comes back into her life?Will Kayleigh and her father have a close bond?Or will Kayleigh reject her father's wishes to connect with her?


2. A father....I didn't have that growing up

~Kayleigh's P.O.V~

My fiancee Brendan watches our son Christopher while,I'm on tour.It's a good thing that we didn't start touring for while after I had the baby.Now that I'm all better we can go on tour and I can be my crazy,jumping up and down,running around on stage self that I've always been.Since we ended up doing back to back tours,we basically get no rest.We had to do the Wild Ones Playground tour.Now,the Wild Ones Playground Tour is a summer tour that happens every year,where different bands,hardcore bands perform or whatever.For some reason,I never pay attention to music genres so excuse me if my genres are wrong.But yeah,after the Wild Ones Playground tour,we're now on our own tour called the "Senses" tour.Named after our latest album titled "Sense".You're probably wondering...why in the hell would anyone name an album "Sense"?Well,the title came from the thought of the songs and how the songs on the album are about my life experiences and some of the things I went through.It was experiences in my life and some of them are just thoughts and emotions that just pour out of me into a song.But enough about that...We were just coming offstage from finishing our last performance.Then the band Violet-X went onstage after us.My friend Vicky "Vick" Fuentes was in that band.I stood backstage and watched Violet-X perform.Then,the intro for "Queen for a day" started to play.I smiled to myself as I watched the fans start to go crazy.During live concerts Violet-X tended to extend the intro of "Queen for a day".."Now I want you guys to help me welcome my friend,Kayleigh Quinn out to sing this song with us!",Vicky yelled into the microphone."Kayleigh!Kayleigh!Kayleigh!",I heard the crowd yell.With my mic in hand,I ran out on stage."What's up,Florida?!",I yelled into the mic as I ran out onstage.I hugged Vicky and I high fived all the other band members.Then they started the song....


~After the performance~

I bowed and waved at the audience as I walked backstage and down the stairs.I walked towards my bands tour bus.I sighed happily as I opened the bus door and walked inside.Making sure to close the door once I got inside.I grabbed my pajamas and walked into the bathroom.I changed into a tank top and some random pajama bottoms that have Pikachu all over them.Then I took my dirty clothes and put them in my hamper.And yes,I have a hamper with me on tour.Sometimes,I usually keep my dirty clothes in a pile on the floor,haha.But that's when I'm lazy or extremely tired and don't feel like doing anything at all.I smiled weakly at Justine,Jessie,Gabby and Alex who were sitting on the couch watching "The Walking Dead" as I retreated to my bunk.I forgot it was walking dead Sundays and the first episode of the new season is on.I peeked out of my bunk and at the tv,smiling as I looked at the tv.Then my phone vibrated,I looked down to see that it was a text from Brendan.


~Text From Brendan~

Brendan:Hey Baby <3

Me:Hey Brenbear :) <3

(And yes,I call my fiancee Brenbear)

Brendan:How's touring going? <3

Me:It's going great,babe.How's Christopher? :) <3

Brendan:He's doing great.He's been a little angel. <3

Me:How's the other kids?

Brendan:They're also doing good.They're playing with their toys. :)

Me:Awwww. <3

Brendan:Oh and I've got a super cute videos of Christopher to send you.

Me:Really?!Send it!

Brendan:*Sends a video of Christopher saying "Hi,Daddy and Mama" and another video of Christopher walking*

Me:Awwww,oh my gosh!I wish I was there to see that. <3

Brendan:If you want we can Facetime and I can have Christopher say "Hi" and you can also talk to all the other kids :)

Me:I would love that <3

~Texting conversation ends~

I got on Facetime with Brendan.I saw Christopher,our adorable son."Say Hi to Mommy",I heard Brendan say."Hi Mommy",Christopher said in his cute baby voice as he waved towards Brendan's iphone camera."Hi,Christopher!Hello,my baby",I said as I waved at my iphone camera.Brendan took Christopher and sat him in his crib."Aerin!Sam!Hunter!",I heard Brendan call for the kids as he walked into his bedroom.My stepdaughter Aerin,and my two stepsons Sam and Hunter ran into Brendan's room."Say Hi to your Mommy",Brendan told the kids."Hi Mommy!",Aerin,Sam and Hunter say with huge smiles on their faces.I miss spending time with them."Hi babies.How are you doing?",I said as I looked at my stepchildren."We're doing good!",they all answered excitedly."How's touring,Mommy?",Hunter asked."It's going great sweetheart",I answered."Alright,you guys can go back and play",Brendan said as he scooted the children along."Bye Mommy",Sam,Aerin and Hunter said."Bye babies",I said and smiled."Alright,well,I'll talk to you tomorrow Baby",Brendan said."Okay.Bye babe",I said as we both got off of Facetime.


There's one thing,that I can say about Brendan..At least he's there for his children.To love them and care for them...I didn't have that growing up...But to have somebody that makes me feel like my children and I are in good hands.I smiled as I turned my phone off and slowly drifted off to sleep.


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