I want 2 eat u bad

Is it a dream or not????


1. Ryland going insane????

On Halloween night R5 were going to play a gig at the party city fundraiser. They were of course dressed up Rydel as hello kitty Ross as Brady Riker as a prisoner Ratliff as grumpy cat and rocky as mike. They were setting up there instruments and Ryland went to get something backstage when he sees a strange light and of course ryland has to go and touch it. Apparently the light is an orb that has a possessed sprit and it posses ryland. He starts turning into a zombie and he gets the things Ross needed but instead of giving the stuff to Ross he bites his head of so Ross turns into a zombie and the gig gets delayed but all of a sudden Rocky wakes up an the whole thing was a dream. But when rocky goes to sleep a hand comes running from under his bed so was it a dream or not????

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