Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


24. The drinking and the stolen kiss


*unedited* Sorry had to go to sleep because stupid school...


I came crying home and ran right to my room my mom was screaming my name but I ignored her I ignored everyone who was screaming my name even if it was my mom, dad, Harry, Jade or even Louis AH! I don't even wanna hear his name! Or even think about him I can't believe that one person can go from sweet and cute to mean and a dushbag...


The next morning Jade knocked on my door I was still in my pyama's and had red eyes because I was crying all night an didn't sleep good happily summer will start next week and i'm out of that highschool this last week we don't really have alot of classes it is more like bringing back your books and cleaning your locker and then graduation...


''Omg I was worried sick!'' Jade said and hugged me when I opened the door

''Sometimes I worry to but yeah then everything changes and you can't control things anymore'' I said kind of feeling depressed

''Oke you need Ben and J's'' Jade said normally this would make me laugh but right now it didn't

''Oke you didn't even laugh it's REALLY bad now...'' Jade said with worry in her voice

''Come to my room I will explane...'' I said to Jade and she followed me up the stairs into my room.

''So.... I don't know exactly what happend but Harry told me some of it... And it didn't sound good'' Jade said

''Well it isn't really the main point is I broke up with Louis...''

''Oke so he did tell me that but why what happend'' Jade asked

''That my friend is what I am about to tell you..''


''Oke just one more picture!'' My mom begged me 

''Mom me and Louis are already going to be late if you don't let us go now...'' I said to her

''Oke just one... oke there we go!"' She said and took an other picture

''Oke bye mom love you'' I said to her

''Bye! have fun use protection!'' She said

This made Louis and me laugh

''What does she think!'' I said

''Well I brought one it's in my pocket...'' Louis said dead serious

Then we both started laughing really hard

''No but not really?'' I asked

''Oh shut up!'' Louis said while slapping my shoulder soft ofcourse


''Louis I think you've had enough drinks babe'' I said to Louis who was drunk... That they even let the people here have so much alchol it's crazy!

''No... no... ssshhhttt!'' Louis said while putting his finger infront of my mouth

''Louis do you want to sit down with me and just talk a little?'' I asked with a smile but I REALLY wanted him to sit down or else I woudn't know what this boy would do...

''No I WANNA DANCE ALL NIGHT TO THE BEST SONG EVER!!!!'' He started screaming his own lyrics

''Louis baby for me?'' I asked him

''Please come dance a little'' He asked while holding my arms

''Oke fine...'' I said

''YEAH BABY!'' He screamed

He made me laugh and also how he danced later on Harry and Jade joined us and we all started to dance like crazy lunatics!

''Louis i'm gonna go get some water Harry please stay here with him...'' I said and asked Harry

''Sure but be quik he's going crazy...'' Harry said while pointing to Louis

''What do you mean crazy?!!??!'' Louis said

''Oh Louis... Jade come on'' I said


''Oh dear...'' I came back and saw Louis wanted to grind on Harry and Harry just stood there awkard trying to get Louis off of him

''Louis! what are you doing?'' I asked him

''Harry i'm trying to grind on my girlfriend if you don't mind'' Louis said to me

''Hunny i'm your girlfriend that over there is Harry...'' I said

''Oh so that explains why he is wearing a tux...'' Louis said

''Well we are going to sit down for a little bit your welcome to join us'' Jade said

''No were gonna dance a little bit more will see you in a few'' I said to jade


''Let me take you somewhere it's really cool'' Louis said in my ear

He was still pretty drunk but yeah he was pretty funny when he was drunk...

''Where are you taking me?'' I said while laughing when Louis pulled my into a closet

''Here!'' He said and started to kiss my neck

''Louis what are you doing?'' I said while he was kissing my neck

''Come on i'm dying to wrip this dress off of you!'' He said

''Your drunk Louis let's go home before anything will happen

''But I want you!'' Louis said

He slammed me into the wall and started kissing my neck and started to try to pull my dress off.

''No! Louis stop!'' I finally got him off of me and started running torwards Harry and Jade

Harry and Jade saw how worried I was and I explaned to them what Louis just did

''There you are come back!'' Louis said

I was now standing behind Harry and Jade was next to me and Harry infront of me protecting me like I was his own sister Harry really is like a brother to me we grew really close and tell each other everything.

''Louis look out...'' Harry said

''Hey Harry good your here can I take my girlfriend Jodie with me now'' Louis asked

''I'm sorry I can't do that she already told me everything so Louis if you want I can drive you home and everything is going to be oke...'' Harry said

''No screw you! I'm gonna go have some fun!'' Louis said and walked away

''I'm sorry Jodie just talk to him tomorrow and explain him he's drunk it's the alchol talking not him'' Jade said

''Yeah I know I guess I will see you guys tomorrow then...'' I said and started walking away

''Wow! wait come have fun with us!'' Harry said

''Are you sure I don't want to be the thirdwheel....'' I said

''Your not now come on let's dance!'' Jade said

We were dancing for about an hour when some girl was tapping my shoulder

''Ahm can I help you?'' I asked a girl with black hair and brown eyes she was quite pretty

''Aren't you Louis's girlfriend Jodie?'' She asked me

''Yeah why?'' I asked

''You might wanna go to the janitors office...'' She said and walked off.

Right at that time they were gonna anouce the prom king and queen

''I walked torwards the janoitors office when I heard noises and not the kind you would want to hear...

When I opened the door I saw Louis half naked and this girl already naked making out

I could feel the tears in my eyes and I ran away Louis didn't even notice I saw them. He didn't even look at me!

''And the queen is Jodie Walkers'' I turned around and saw a teacher saying that I was the queen next to her was a jog I saw a few times on school but never really talked to him

I just ran out of the building crying, I could hear Harry and Jade calling out my name but I ran and ran and they coudn't keep up until I was finally home then I cryed myself to sleep and the next morning Jade came...


''Wow...'' Jade said

''Yeah...'' I said

''I just can't believe Louis would do that even if he was drunk!'' She said

''Me neither but yeah he did...'' I said

Then the doorbell rung and when we went to open it Harry stood there with a crown in his hands

''Hey Jodie!'' He said and hugged me

''Hey Haz...'' I said

''Come on don't be sad here for every princess there is a crown...'' He said and putted it on top of my head

''Thanks Haz but I am not really in the mood right now'' I said

''Can you please tell me what happend?'' Harry asked

''I will tell you later but right now we are going to have a girls day and NO BOYS ALOUD!'' Jade said

''Oh well what are you guys going to do?'' Harry asked

''Oh you know watch romantic movies, eat choclate, cry, magazine's, gossip...'' Jade said

''Oke I'm out talk to you guys later!'' Harry said and he ran to his car scared for his life

This kind of made me laugh and Jade noticed she closed the door and I guess the perfect girl day was about to start...






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