Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


20. Shut up!

*Next morning*

Zayn was on Niall's side Niall said alot of chit to Zayn that we ''said'' about him wich ofcourse we didn't but now it's team Louis Harry Jodie Lola and Liam versus team Niall and Zayn as you can say...


''Hey babe'' Louis said as he walked up to me and Lola by the front door

''Hey'' I said and i pecked his lips

''Ready to go guys?'' Lola asked

''Yeah come on''


Louis went home sick and Harry had to take care of him so he pretended to be sick so it was just me Lola and Liam but Lola and Liam were more busy with each other so i was sitting alone at lunch.

As i was walking torwards the kantine i heard a girl scream

''What the hell?'' I said

I then ran torwards the yell and saw Niall had pushed a girl to a locker and he was starting to kiss her neck

''Let her go Niall!'' I said as i ran to them and i kicked Niall were the sun dosn't shine

''You bitch!'' Niall said

''Oh Shut up! I heard that one come out of you fillty mouth before!'' I said

The girl said thank you and she ran off i quikly followed her


''Hey wait up!'' I said

''Yeah?'' She asked

''What's your name i have never seen you here before'' I asked her


She had long dark brown hair and brown eyes she was not that tall a little shorter than me and she was verry attractive.

''Well Jade i'm not letting that bastard come near you again so do you wanna have lunch together?'' I asked

''Yeah sure by the way i'm new her but what's your name?'' She asked me

''My name is Jodie''


Sorry tomorrow is gonna be a longer chapter i promise but my laptop is about to die and i can't find the charger anywhere so here's a quik update but i have to go my laptop is about to die

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(Oh and i didn't check the chapter so if there are any words spelled wrong sorry for that)


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