Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


21. Scary movies and project love

Me and Jade had lunch together and she lived actualy pretty close to me so we decided to do homework together after school.

 *at home*

''biep'' ''biep'' My phone rang i picked it up and saw it was Louis who called

''Hay babe'' I said

''Hey can you come over i missed you!'' Louis said

''I'm actualy now with a friend her name is Jade hold on''

''Do you wanna go to my boyfriends Louis's house he also has this other friend you can meet them?'' I asked her

''Yeah sure were almost done so yeah sounds good'' She said while smiling

''We will be over in 20 minutes'' I said to Louis

''Oke hurry up love you bye''

''Bye love you to''


''The way you guys talk to each other is cute'' Jade said after i hung up the phone

''Oh shut up! let's get to work''

If you wanna know where Lola is she went out with my mother to get some clothes she dosn't have much clothes right now so they decided to shop.


''Hey babe!'' Louis said when he opened the door and he gave me a big bear hug

''Hay'' I kissed him and we went inside with Jade behind me

''Jade i like you to meet Louis and this is Harry or as i and almost everyone else likes to call him Hazza'' I said

''Haha verry funny i'm Harry'' Harry said while shaking Jade her hand

''Jade nice to meet you guys''

''So what are we going to do?'' Louis asked

''Well since you guys still don't know her that good we can play 25 questions'' I offered

''Yeah sure'' They all said

(J is Jodie

H is Harry

L is Louis

and JA is Jade)


H: favorite colour?

JA: Blue

L: hobby's?

JA: Well i like to paint and play sports

J: Brothers or sisters?

JA: a younger sister

(Sorry if something is wrong i totally made this up...)

We asked some more questions and then we decided to watch a movie but Louis got to pick the movie and he decided to watch Saw... I knew what he wanted...


''AH!'' Me and Jade screamed at the same time when a scarry part came up i hided my face in Louis his chest and i knew he was smilling and Harry already wrapped a arm around Jade. Wait OMG Harry likes JADE!!!!.


When the movie ended the boys took us home but Jade asked if she could sleep at my house tomorrow was this teacher vacation thing so we didn't had school.


''So you and Harry...'' I said while smirking. I could see her face go red

''OMG SO IT'S TRUE! I'm totally setting you guys up!'' I said while i had this big smile on my face

''Me to you guys are gonna be together in no time!'' Lola said who was sitting with us on the couch

''Omg you guys!''

''So project LOVE is starting right now!'' I said and highfived Lola

''Wanna skype call the guys?'' Lola asked

''Yeah sure let's do it!'' Me and Jade said


''Hey!'' We all said at the same time

''Hey babe and Girls!'' Louis said while saying the girls in a Cali girls voice (of you don't know what Cali means it's the Californie accent girls have like talking really girly kind of hope you get it)

We all laughed and then Hazza said ''Hey Jade''

Jade blushed and said hey back

Omg this is gonna be so easy

''So Harry are you seeing anyone?'' I asked

Louis looked jealous but Lola texted him right after i said that and he winked at me and he knew what was going on

''No but i like someon'' Harry said while he putted his hand behind his neck

''WHO?!?'' Me and Lola screamed at the same time

''That's for me to know and for you to find out...'' He said while he was smirking

''Well we should go... ahm.. Paint our nails our something see you guys later''

''Bye'' We all said and we ended the call

I excused myself and went to the bathroom to text Louis and i texted him: Hey babe say some good words about Jade to Harry were setting them up! LOVE YOU!!!! XXXX


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