Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


16. Perv!

''Bye Louis i love you'' I said as the bell rang

''Hmm'' He said while he holded my even closer

''Louis i need to go to class''

''Oke i love you to'' Louis said while we kissed


As i was walking in the hallways i got dragged in the janitors room by someon i didn't see their face or faces.

Then someon turned the lights on.

'Hello beautiful...'' Niall said while smirking

''Niall what the hell!''

''Oh baby let's be honest here you want as bad as i want you'' Niall said while he was kissing my neck

''Let go of me you perv!'' I said while i pushed Niall off of me and i ran out

''Louis! Louis!'' I yelled hoping he would hear me

''Jodie?'' I saw Harry standing there

''Omg Harry help!'' I said and i flew into his arms

''What's wrong and why is Niall running after you'' Harry asked

''Please don't let him touch me'' I asked

''Come here Jodie'' Niall said

Harry put me on his back and he ran out of the school to a park


''Now what's going on?'' Harry asked

''Niall tryed to touch me and he dragged me into the janitors office and he started to kiss my neck and Yestarday he planned a dinner for this mystery girl but turned out i was that girl and then he called me a bitch'' I said

''What?!?'' Harry yelled

''Yeah.... Thank you for listening''

''Yeah sure but.... I can't believe that he did all of that he isn't like that''

''I know...''

''Are you gonna tell Louis?'' Harry asked

''Well i kind of have to but what will he do to Niall we know how Louis is''

''Well....'' But then Harry got cut off by girls screaming

''OMG IT'S HARRY STYLES!'' 10 people were screaming his name while an other 15 were running torwards us

''Run'' We both said at the same time

''Where to go?'' I asked

''My appartment''

When we got there Louis was also there and then we had to tell him


''What are you guys doing together ?'' Louis asked sounding jealous

''Louis i need to tell you something'' I said


I explaned everything to Louis when i was done talking he got up and went outside


''Louis where are you going?'' I asked

''To Niall!'' He said angry

''Louis please don't do it i will get him believe me'' I said trying to calm him

''Sure you do that but i'm gonna get him to'' He said

''Louis please'' I said while i finally got to him and i gave him a hug

''Babe please let me do it he deserves it''

I kissed Louis and i let him go


Hi you guys alot of you wanted an update and i had to do it quik because i'm just so excited so i can't concentrade because i'm going to Hunger Games: Catching Fire!!!!!!!!!! I'm so so happy


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Love you guys! xxx- Mounia

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