Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


25. perfect girl day?

Well I guess the perfect girl day is about to start...


''Please don't be so grumpy at least try to smile'' Jade said to me I know she was trying her best but I just didn't feel good

''How can I smile after all that happened!'' I said and broke down in tears

''Ok that's it'' Jade said and walked out of the door

''What are you going to do?'' I asked her between sobs she wasn't going to do what I think she was right...

''I am going to Louis's house Lola your coming with!'' Jade said and we saw Lola running out of the kitchen

I talked to Lola this morning she heard me crying last night and I explained everything but shortly after that she had a dentist appointment so she couldn't stay but now she's back and she's going after Louis....

''Jade give me my jacket and that shovel tonight is the night bitches gonna die'' Lola said and Jade handed her everything

''ARE YOU GUYS CRAZY!?'' I screamed at them ''And Lola since when do you have your own shovel?'' I asked her confused

''I have my ways...'' Lola said I swear to god this girl scares me sometimes

''You guys please don't do anything stupid and hand me the shovel...'' I said

''But.. but..'' Lola and Jade said ''Zip it the both of you hand me the shovel and make call Harry I don't trust you guys he's coming with and I will stay in the car'' I said ''Got it?'' I said

''Yes Jodie...'' They both said and sat on the stairs as I called Harry shortly after that he came and I guess we were heading to Louis his house...

We arrived and they all went there as I stayed in the car I had the window a little bit open so I could hear what they were saying and when Louis opened that door I didn't hear all good things...

''You son of a bitch you freaking broke her she can't laugh all she does is cry she won't eat she barely slept and you you look just fine with your hair pushed back and nice shirt I swear to god someone needs to hold me back because I am about to freaking beat him'' Jade screamed at Louis

''Harry hold her I will beat him'' Lola said

''Ok that's enough!'' I said walking towards them 

''Look I love you guys but don't handle it this way I want you and you to sit in the car and Harry keep an eye on them I still don't trust them'' I said ''And Louis you. follow. me.'' I said sternly and he followed me to this little park in front of his house

''Listen Jodie I am so sorry...'' But before he could finish his sentence I stopped him

''No Louis your not your not sorry at all'' I said to him ''You tried to rape me but I stopped you you cheated on me and there I couldn't stop you I knew I shouldn't have trusted you in the first place because all the girls you date will just end up being your little doll you play with them and then when you get bored you just throw them away and get a new one'' I said

''Look we had some fun together but now it's done I am done with you so don't call me babe or baby or say I love you because I won't bother to look back'' I said to him and he just kept looking to the ground

''But you know what the worse part is... In the end I will be crawling back to you because I am already attached to you and I can't escape anymore so don't try to win me back because you already won'' I said and with that I held my head high and walked away. There were already tears threaten to fall from my eyes.

''Fuck you Louis Tomlinson'' I said and after that I walked away towards the car and walked home...


​It's been a long wait you guys I am sorry for that but the inspiration kind of faded for this story but now I have some but... I don't know if I should end the story here because I think it's a pretty good end but if you guys want me to continue I have something up my sleeve so let me know in the comments if I should continue or should end it here


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