Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


15. Ofcourse!

The next morning they picked us up but i said i didn't feel good so i wanted to walk to school and Harry joined me while the rest went with the car. I wasn't sick or anything but i just didn't wanna see Niall after what happend yestarday.


''So you and Louis...'' Harry said while smirking

''What?!?'' I said

''Oh c'mon i see the way you guys look at eachother!'' Harry said

I then started to blush

''So it's true!'' Harry said while he had a big smile on his face

''Oh shut up! But what did he say about me?'' I asked

''HAHA!'' Harry laughed

''Tell me!''

''Well let's say lunch is going to be interesting'' Harry said

''Oke....'' What is gonna happen?!? I was thinking




We were all sitting at lunch and ofcourse Niall was giving me death glares.

''Where's Louis?'' I asked Liam cause he was sitting next to me

''He's coming look there'' He said pointing into the direction Louis was standing he was holding a teddy bear and was smiling

''Lola what is gonna happen?'' I wishpered to Lola who was sitting on the other side of me

''Watch and see...'' Lola said


Louis was now at the table and he said...

''Jodie your the prettiest funniest smartest and you can actualy beat me at fifa, and i love you so much so will you pretty pretty please be my girlfriend?'' Louis was standing there waiting for an answer and the whole school was now waiting for an answer.

''Yes Louis ofcourse!'' Everyone was cheering and Louis handed me the bear and we kissed

''Wait she beated you at fifa!'' Zayn said

''Oh shut up!'' Louis said

''You guys all knew about it!'' I said

''Well we coudn't say anything!'' Harry said

Niall just stood up and went away ''I need to go to the toilet''

''Well that was weird...'' Lola said

''I love you'' I wishpered to Louis and i layed my head on his shoulder

''I love you to''


Sorry it's a short chapter but i have to make this gift thing my school does for sinterklaas.

sinterklaar is sort of santa but for dutch people but we also celebrate Christmas


Love you guys so so much so please leave a like favorite comment and even become a fan


bye xxx- Mounia


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