Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


9. No probably just crazy...

You guys probably want to cut me with a knife right now i'm so sorry these 2 weeks we're really hard for me to plane. My cousin was here and i had loads of homework and i had to learn for tests and what not but now I'M BACK! Jeey i'm so sorry but here is the new chapter sorry!- Mounia (sorry...)


I woke up because a girl named Lola thought it was funny to jump on my bed while singing What Makes You Beautiful. (She made me listen to it) .....


''everyone else in the room can see it everyone else but you-ou'' Lola sang while jumping on my bed.

I jumped out of bed and tackled Lola to the floor.

''If you ever interupt my sleep again i will interupt your breathing oke?'' I said with the biggest fake smile on my face

''Oke oke chillax Jo...''

We both i rolled over and layed next to her on the floor

''Ah!'' Lola screamed out of no where

''What!? Did you see a spider or something?''

''NO! One Direction is gonna be hear in 40 minutes to pick us up and i'm still in my JAMMIES! AH!''

''Omg'' Is the only thing i could possibly say


I putted on my red converse black skinny jeans and a white top that said WHATEVER! And for make-up some bb cream mascara and some lipgloss.

(sorry my computer dosn't let me upload pictures so i just made this up)

Lola wore a navy blue dress with some black converse and for make-up some eye liner lipgloss and mascara.


 from: HazaBear

Hey we're downstairs your mom let us in, and she's about to show us your baby pictures...


''OMG!'' I screamed

''Sweetie is there something wrong?'' My mom yelled from downstairs

''My mom is about to show them my baby pics come!'' I whisper/shouted to Lola

''Everything is fine!'' I said while coming down the stairs with Lola behind me.

''Oke guys let's go now...'' I said walking to the door

''Lola can't you wait a sec i was about...''

''Bye mom c'mon you guys...''

''Thanks alot for the tea misses Walkers and hope to see you soon again'' Louis said to my mom seriously Louis...

''Lovely to meet you guys as well ,bye you can come anytime and i will show you...''

By now i grabbed Louis's hand and walked out the door that was so AWKARD! well for me it was...


''Oh what a shame there is no space in the car guess you need to sit on my lap babe'' Louis said smirking to me

''You know what i will just walk....''

''No your not!'' Lola said while interlocking our arms

Your probably confushed let me explain the Lola thing... She's staying for a month because for her English but she also signed up for my school while she's staying here just wanna make that clear.

''But where do i sit?''

''Already told you babe'' Louis said again

''But...'' i said before Lola cutted me off

''Don't but, Louis is a nice guy and he likes you and it's just for like what 10 minutes so sit on his lap and don't be such a baby!'' Lola said

We all looked at her with our mouths open.

''Omg Jodie i didn't mean it that way I'm sorry!'' Lola apolagized

''No it's oke your proably right...'' I said soft

''What!?'' Everyone yelled

What!? was i now saying in my head.

''Oke now let's get in the car before we are late for school'' Zayn said while clapping his hands


I don't know what happend to me but when we we're in the car i actualy layed my head down on Louis's shoulder. Maybe i was crazy, or maybe i really needed someon right now because of my brother. No probably just crazy... I actauly almost feel asleep but then...


''Ah look at them!'' Niall said

''Shht... She's sleeping'' Louis said while stroking my hair. This was the side i actualy liked about Louis.

''Well she can wake up because we're here'' Liam said

''Jodie... Jodie...'' Louis said while shaking me.

''I'm already awake...'' I got up and i went in the school building without saying goodbye to anyone and i just walked to class.


So here's the new chapter would you guys maybe leave a comment with what you think of this story i'm really curious...

But i love you guys so so much and already more than 200 reads! this is so AMAZAYN! thank you! Maybe leave a like favorite and maybe become a fan?

Cu! bye xxx- Mounia



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