Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


3. Nice Gift.......

We walked into the mall and the first shop we saw was Victoria Secrets and SERIOUSLY i can't believe those guys they we're actualy in the freaking store!

''Hey Louis look how's over there!'' Harry said while he was pointing at me.

''Hey Jodie!'' He yelled while he was holding up this light blue tong.....

''Let's just go.....'' I said to Kirsten but she pulled my arm and dragged me into Victoria Secrets.

I swear to god i'm gonna kill this girl.......

''Not cool'' I whispered to Kirsten.

''Shut-up i'm trying to couple you to Louis'' She whispered


''Nothing nothing...''


''Hey girls'' Zayn said while smirking at us.

''Yeah hi, Kirsten let's go!"' I said while i was pointing at the door.

''Nope let's stay here so... what are you guys doing here?''

''Just getting a present....'' Louis said

''For who?'' I asked

''Oh getting jealous and you're ain't his girlfriend hhmm...'' Harry said while smirking

''Not yet at least...'' Louis said

''Whatever Kirsten let's go to starbucks''

''You guys wanna join?'' Kirsten said

I just wanna grab one of those bra's and kill her with it!

''Yeah sure....''  Liam said



''What would you guys like to order?'' A girl with long blonde hair and green eyes asked us

We all ordered our drinks and we sat down Harry was in front of me Kirsten next to me and Louis on the other side Niall Liam and Zayn had to go for some reason? I don't even know.....

Oh and to top it of Harry was touching my knee and Louis my arse.....


''Harry if you wanna keep your hand i would stop touching me and same for you Louis'' I said i was pretty annoyed, and they immediatly let go Kirsten just had to laugh and i smirked a little myself.

''So Jodie where did you live before you moved to London'' Harry asked me

''Seriously you wanna know about my life? Nevermind i lived in The Netherlands''

''Oh a little dutch girl did you live in Amsterdam?'' Louis asked while smirking

''Close i lived in Amstelveen it's close to Amsterdam'' I said

We just talked a little but what is having a conversation with Louis and Harry without a little touching..... argh!

''I wasn't lying about losing a hand...''


The next morning the guys thaught it was funny to give me a little gift......


''So Jodie you saw us yestarday at Victoria Secrets and that gift was for you....'' Louis said while holding that tong up in the air

''Are you FUCKING kidding me?!?'' I said screaming

''I can't believe you guys you guys are unbelieveble!'' I screamed again

''Oh believe me we know....'' Liam said smirking.

The boys had to laugh and by now alot of people we're looking at us.

''You know what we are famous you should be nicer to us'' Niall said

''Just because you're famous my arse''

''Maybe later babe'' Harry said while winking.


The rest of the day i didn't have any classes with them thank god!



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