Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


27. Mom! And news about Brian

''Louis I think it's best if you leave'' I heard Harry say

''Please just let me talk to her'' I heard Louis say... DOESN'T HE GET THE POINT!?

''Bye Louis not so nice seeing you again!'' I said as I ran to the door and slammed it close in his face

''Nice...'' Said Harry and he high fived me

We went back to watch the movie it was almost done but then someone called me

''Who is it?'' Jade asked me

''I don't know I don't recognize the number'' I said and I answered

''Hello?'' I said

''Is this Jodie Walkers your mother just gave birth and we have news about your brother if you could come to Melrose Port Hospital as soon as possible'' I heard a woman say

''Omg yes of course bye'' I said and hung up

''My mom just gave birth and they have news about Brian everyone let's go now!'' I said

''What hospital?'' Harry asked since he was driving

''Melrose Port now let's go!!'' I said excited omg Brian is alive or... No don't think about that he's awake for sure!

We drove to the hospital and a woman that worked there told me where my mom was so we went there first after I saw my new baby brother or sister my mom wouldn't tell us the gender I would go ask about Brian

''Mom!'' I said

''It's a girl'' She said as she was holding the little girl is her arms

''What is her name?'' Lola asked my mom

''Me and your dad decided to call her Bella because she is such a beauty'' My mom said smiling at my dad who was sitting next to her on a chair

''Can I hold her?'' I asked my mom and she nodded

When I looked at her it felt like all my worried faded she was so beautiful and so cute I could see she had brown hair and there was a lot and her eyes were still shut

I looked and saw Harry Lola and Jade looking at me a little bit too excited? Ok I know what they want...

''Ok you guys can hold her'' i said rolling my eyes and laughing.

First went Harry then Jade and then Lola.

As Lola was holding Bella I asked Harry if he could come with me to ask information about Brian and he said ''sure''

I asked a nurse where he was and she told me ''Second floor room 102'' And me and Harry headed there.

''Hello I am Jodie Walkers Brian his sister and your his doctor right?'' I asked a doctor coming out of his room

''Ah yes Jodie... You might wanna sit down'' The doctor said he looked worried... no... no no no...

''No I am fine standing up now tell me what's wrong!'' I said you could hear my voice breaking as I was talking

''Jodie calm down please'' Harry said holding my arm

''Harry please let go of me now tell me what's wrong with my brother!?'' I screamed and I also pushed Harry off

''He died last night in his coma it was too much for him we tried everything we could to save him but it was too late'' The man said

My world started to spin I felt sick and I could already feel the hot tears streaming down my face and I fell to my knees and then everything went black...

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