Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


14. Heard that one before...

The next morning Louis texted me and asked if i could hang out with him and Harry ofcourse i said yes and we were probably going to play video games or something...


''Hey Hazza'' I said after Harry opened the door

''Hey Jo!'' He said and gave me a hug


''Hey Tommo'' I said while i pecked his cheeck

I know what your thinking but i need to give him a chance last time he gaf me those puppy dog eyes and well i'm giving him a chance he better not screw it up!

''Hey... Wo Jo thanks'' He said and looked surprised i kissed hin cheeck i just giggeld.

''You guys better get a room!'' Harry screamed while walking in with a bowl of popcorn

''Harry shut up i just gave his cheeck a peck'' I said while stealing the popcorn ruffeling his hair and i ran inside the kitchen while Harry and Louis were running behind me

''Don't touch my hair and steal my food!'' Harry screamed while running behind me

Louis was just standing there in the opening watching and enjoying our little fight

''Louis help!'' I screamed and i ran into his arms and he just holdded me there

''Get her Haz'' Louis said while giving me to Harry and Harry had a banana in his hand a shuffed it in my face

''Don't you!'' I said before he shoved it in my face.

''Oke if you wanna play it like that....'' I just said while walking away

''i'm gonna get you back maybe not today maybe not tommorow but i'm gonna get ya....'' I said while smirking

Harry and Louis just froze and looked at each other

''C'mon you little baby's and come play fiva with me!''


''You know what if i win i get to straight Harry's hair and you guys will be my slave for the week''

''No way!'' Louis yelled

''No wait and what if we win?''

''You decide''

''You will be our slave for a week''


I knew i was gonna beat them i'm really good at fifa so yeah....


''But... What?'' Harry asked

''But your a girl...'' Louis said

''Who are you to win from us!'' Harry siad

''Well a girl that just beated you guys in FIFA so Harry get your self infront of that mirror and Louis be a hun and get the hair straightner''


''O.M.G!'' Was the only thing i could say after we were done with harry his hair

Louis was litterly laughing so hard he coudn't get up and we were both laughing on the floor and almost crying.

''Yeah yeah laugh all you want but i'm gonna take a shower and it will get out'' Harry said while walking to the stairs.

''Oh no you won't'' I said with a blank face

''Why not?'' Harry said

''Well you guys are my slaves for the rest of the week so i decide EVERYTHING!''

''Oh bloody hell...'' They both said at the same time and i again had to laugh

''C'mon you guys are gonna get me starbucks''

''You heard the lady Harry let's go to Starbucks!'' Louis yelled while picking me up bridal style and took  me to the car.


Harry was keep on asking me if he could go home and wash his hair ''Oke Harry but first Starbucks and smile!'' I said and i quikly took a picture and Harry expression was like what? That picture was priceless i bet his over 17 million twitter followers would like to see that....


After Starbucks they drove me home and i would see them when they picked me and Lola up on Monday but then Niall texted me asking me if i could come and help preparing his date for this mystery girl....


''Hey Nialle...'' But then i saw the full moon and a beautiful picknick.

''Wow'' Was all i could say

''I know right!'' Niall said

''Niall she's gonna love it! I yelled but not that hard people would like hear me

''I know she is...'' Niall said while smirking and handing me a rose

''What is this for?'' I asked

''Oke i was kind of lying to you about this girl...''

''Niall....'' I said

''It's you i really like so why don't you come hear with that booty and sit down'' Niall said while grabbing my waist, and he was trying to kiss me

''Niall!'' I said while slapping his face

''AH! What was that for?!?''

''I don't like you Niall yestarday you were all sweet and today your such a yerk!''

''Well that was yestarday baby'' He said while leaning in trying to kiss me again.

''Get off of me!''

''Why don't you like me i mean your such a whore and i'm famous... So you should be loving me because I'M FAMOUS!

''He... Heard that one before...'' I said and i walked away with my head up high

''You know what leave bitch!'' Niall screamed angry

I walked home because it was just 2 blocks away and i wasn't scared of Niall and nobody followed me or anything.



Hey you guys i just want to make some clear...

I really do love all the boys but sometimes they need to come a little bit jerky over if that makes sence it's just for the story but please no hate because i really do love all of them with my heart they are my world and i coudn't live without them!


So please leave a comment a like favorite or even become fan!


Love you guys bye! xxx- Mounia

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