Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


4. Drawing with Harry

Today was my third day on my new school. And of course I need to have a class with that band One Way, or was it The Direction? Whatever. I walked to my locker, I saw Kirsten but she talked with the 5 guys who I hate the most in this school. So I just walked past them, but Louis hold me back. "Where are you going gorgeous?" He said and put an arm around my waist. I shook his arm of and said "Away from you, so BYE!" And I walked away. They just stood there SPEECHLESS, I guess they never been rejected. Well sometime need to be the first time! I just walked to my locker and trew the books I don't need before pause in it. I closed my locker and turned around, UGH Louis stood there with a cheeky smile. "What do you want?!" I shouted at him. "You." he just said if it was normal. I becoe really angry now! "Well you can't have me, so why don't leave me the fuck alone! Go hooking up with some girl who is dumb enough for don't seeing what kind of man whore you are!" And I walked off. Leaving him with a mouth open, AGAIN. Haha this part of the game is what I like. My next class is art, I like drawing. The only problem is that Harry Styles is in that class. I was in the class when the bell rangs. Everyone already sat, and the only free place was next to Harry. You would think, since he's one of the populairst people in school, there wouldn't be a free place next to him. I sat down and he wispered "I really think Lou deserves a change." NO, you can't mean this. He's in this game too?! "Nah, I don't think so. He isn't my type." I said if he just said something normal. Before he could answer our teacher mrs. Hardwood said "Okay class, today we're going to draw what the person next to you say you need to draw. Oh and no parts of a body, or it needs to be a whole person." Harry looked at me and grinned. "So mr. Styles, what do I need to draw?" I asked him. Please no Louis, please no Louis, plea- but my tought were cut off by him saying "Louis Tomlinson." DAMN IT! God why do you hate me? "And what do I need to draw mrs. Walker?" he grinned, I need to think of something really hard! "A cat, I love them." I said, he smiled and said "I love them too, so a cat it would be." And he started to draw. But I couldn't start because I haven't a example. "Harry, do you have a picture of Louis?" He looked up and showed me his fotogalery and stopped on a picture of Louis. And I started to draw. This wasn't really hard, I draw people SO many times, after 1,5 hours (The whole lession) was this the result 

I think the draw is really beautiful, even if it is Louis. Harrys drawing was like this

It's a nice draw. After we gave our drawing to mrs. Hardwood we walked out of the classroom to my next class.

*Skip to pause*

I sat in the cantine with Kirsten and my other friends Layla(a sweet girl from mathclass) , Tom(a nice boy from my German class) and Nadia (a kind girl from music class),  while that band One Direction came up to us. Yeah I learned the name of the band! Are you proud of me now? Kirsten forced me to learn the correct name. Kirsten and Nadia love the band, but me, Tom and Layla hate them. But of course I do the most. We were talking about homework and that kind of stuff when Louis walked up to us and sat down next to me. "So love, I heard you drawed me in art class?" He said and winked. "First, NEVER EVER call me love again. And second, the person next to you decide what you were going to draw. Harry sat next to me and he chose I had to draw you." I said and turned back to Tom. Louis keep flirting with me, when someone came up to us......

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