Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


7. Cousin

I walked home, I saw in the window my cousin Lola from Holland. I open the door and ran to the couch she was on.

"OMG Lola, what are you doing here?" I ask her, while hugging her. I haven't seen her since we moved to London. Lola was my favourite cousin, she's 17 and really sweet. We were alway best friends.

"I missed you, I heard Brian was in the hospital and maybe I SEE ONE DIRECTION!" Oh yeah, have I told you Lola is a Directioner? That's the only thing I don't like about her, I mean I was never a Directioner and I never will be one.

"Well, you're lucky, they're on the same school as me. How long do you stay here?" I hope she's staying long, maybe Louis will go away, or fall for her. I mean we look like each other, like twins.

"A month, mum and dad thinks it's good for my English." She's not really good in English, the most of the test she makes bad.

"Yay! But I'm not going shopping with you!" I said serious, Lola likes shopping and make up. I like sports and prefer a baseball jacket.

"Pretty, pretty please. Only today I promise." She begged.

"Fine, but only today."


"I'm gonna pack my jacket" I said and walked upstairs on my room.

"OMG, You're Louis Tomlinson!" I heard from downstairs, uh oh. And I ran downstairs with my jacket. I saw Louis in the doorway and Lola speechless, I think I have to explain something to her later. But first Louis Freaking Tomlinson.

"Lola, can you excuse us for a moment?" I ask her and she nodded and walked to the kitchen.

"What do you want Louis?! And how do you know where I live?" I snapped at him. And he smirked, god he's so annoying!

"Hello to you too Jodie. Second I want you (hahaha I want, I want, I want to be loved by you).  But that's not why I'm here, and I'm Louis Tomlinson, I have my ways." He smirked.

"First. That is never gonna happen. And Second, why are you here?" I snapped again.

"Because of the kiss." He smirked, oh he think it's funny?(sarcasm)

"That kiss was a mistake Louis, so GO AWAY. C'mon Lola we're going shopping!" I said and Lola came to us. I took her wrist, pushed Louis out of the way, locked the door and walked away. Leaving him there, speechless. And on the way to the mall I told Lola everything.

AN- Hey guys, I'm sorry we didn't updated in a while. We were really busy. I hope you like the new chapter, please like, favourite or comment! Bye guys!

-Megan xxx

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