Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.



sorry didn't upload for along time but now i have vacation and i also wanna hang out with my friends and family so hope you guys don't hate me for that and please comment what you think of the story + i love to read comments so that's all i had to say xxx-Mounia


When someon came up to us.......

''WTF?!?'' My brother Brian almost screamed

''Brian!'' I hissed him

''How the hell is this zebra?!?'' He said while pointing at Louis

''He was freaking all over you is he your boyfriend?!?'' Brian screamed again by this time people we're looking at us.

''Brian please just shut-up and let me talk!'' I said

''Fine talk!'' Brian said

''This is Louis a jerk face that is trying to flirt with me but please just leave him he's not worth your time'' I said to Brian trying to calm him down.

''Hay i'm....'' Louis tryed to say before he got cut off by Brian, Brian being the brother he is punched Louis accros the face......

''Brian!'' I screamed

Louis was now on the ground but Liam and Zayn noticed and they ran up to Brian and punched him.

''No! leave him alone!'' I screamed while i could feel tears in my eyes.

Harry saw and tryed to get Liam and Zayn off of Brian thank god he helped......

''Zayn Liam! Leave him!'' Harry screamed.

By now Zayn and Liam also punched Harry.

After some punching and kicking they finally stopped by now Louis was still knocked out Harry was on the ground trying to catch breath Liam and Zayn ran away and Brian was knocked out with alot of bruches on his face and i well i was crying my heart out......


''Shht shht.... it's oke'' Harry said while holding me

I cried in Harry's arm he was actualy not that bad he was helping me with my brother and he was comforting me and maybe i should give him but only HIM a chance.

''Thanks Harry'' I said to him

But then it came to me.

''Brian!'' I was crying, i kind of forgot about my brother how was knocked out.

Harry ran to Louis and i called an ambulance.


''Jodie Walkers?'' A tall man about 40 asked.

''Yes that's me is he oke?'' I asked



Ouch! cliffhanger i will leave it to the co-author to make this up now ;) haha please leave a like favorite and maybe become fan oh and please! leave comments i love them bye xxx-Mounia

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