These are just some poems i've put together, don't expect them to be any good.


4. Stuck

I'm stuck here,

There's no way out,

I'm trapped,

There's no point calling for help,

I won't get an answer,

I'm stuck,


And there's nothing I can do about it,

It's not even my fault i'm here,

It's destiny's,

I had to go and choose the wrong path,

I had to go and get my self stuck,

Somewhere no one can help,

What rotten luck,

I knew something bad was going to happen from the start,

But I still went along with it,

So I guess it is partly my fault,

But destiny played a big part in getting me stuck here,

There's no way out,

I've looked for any possible exits,

There's none,

I can't go back,

I can't go there again,

So I guess i'm stuck,

What fun,

There's nothing I can do,

I'm stuck,

With no way out,

Except back,

But I can't go back,

I just can't,

So i'm guess i'm trapped,


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