These are just some poems i've put together, don't expect them to be any good.


6. I'm taking this way to hard

I'm taking this way to hard,

I mean we haven't talked in months,

And I expected our friendship to be the same,

I don't know what happened between us,

All I know is that we're no longer close,

I keep expecting for you to message me,

For you to be there if I need you,

But that's never going to happen,

I'm taking this way to hard,

 I can't stop thinking about it,

About us,

I honestly thought you would always be there for me,

How wrong I was,

I've never been as close as that to anyone before,

Even though I knew it was coming,

It still broke me inside to hear you say it,

We're no longer friends,

I just want you to know I will never forget you,

What you have done for me,

You mean to much to me to let that happen,

I'm probably just another person to you,

Friendship been and gone,

But you're not that for me,

You will always stay in my memories,

No matter what.

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