These are just some poems i've put together, don't expect them to be any good.


5. Happy Birthday

1969 to 2010,

10 years of my life,

9 years of Zoe's,

18 years of dads,

20 years of Liam's,

41 years of nans,

41 years of Dean's,

You all touched our hearts at some stage,

And for most of us,

You still have a special place there,

We will always love you,

It doesn't matter if we can no longer see you,

That we can no longer talk to you face to face,

What matters is that we will always love you,

No matter what,

That's what connects us all,

Other than being related,

You bought us together,

Me and Zoe wouldn't be walking this earth if it wasn't for you,

You broke our hearts when you left,

But we knew you didn't want to,

You fought for as long as you could,

You're body just gave up the fight before you were ready,

We will always love you,

Never forget that,

Happy 44th birthday mum!

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