Dangerous (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Scarlett White, normal good girl. With her father not in the picture, it was her and her mother.
Niall Horan, troubled bad boy. With a past of drugs, alcohol, and violence, everyone of Mullinger feared him. Except for Harry and Louis, the only ones close to him.
When Niall takes an interest in Scarlett, she wants nothing to do with him. She knew about how he was, the drugs, the fights, the drinking. He was notorious around the city.
When Niall doesn't give up, Scarlett finds herself wrapped up in a mess of dangerous lies, and dangerous people.
What happens when feelings change? Scarlett somehow finds herself falling for this boy. Will she tear his walls down, and teach him to love again.
But could their love, be risking it all?


8. Chapter 8

My eyelids fluttered open, my eyes adjusting to the light. My vision was hazy at first but it soon cleared up. I blinked a few times, my eyes widening at my surroundings. I was in the passenger seat of an unfamiliar car, the seatbelt strapped securely. I cautiously looked over to see who exactly the driver of this vehicle was, only to wish I hadn't. I felt my heart just about stop beating in my chest at the sight of someone I never wanted to come encounter with. Brown curls hung low over his forehead, green eyes focused on the road. His large hands gripped the steering wheel, taking me to an unknown destination. 

I opened my mouth to scream, not that it would do much but it was the first thing that came to mind. Harry caught on, reaching over and placing his hand over my mouth. He narrowed his eyes at me, his angry gaze held me to the spot. 

"Don't even think about it." He said, his voice low. 

He gave me one last look as to warn me, before he pulled his hand away. He rested it back on the steering wheel. He looked relaxed but I on the other hand was mentally freaking out. I scooted back in the seat, trying to create as much distance between us even though it clearly wouldn't do much considering I'm trapped inside of here.

"Scar, calm down." He chuckled, his lips curling into a smile. There's no possible way I'm going to casually relax in my seat and forget that Harry Styles is less than a foot away from me. We're in touching distance. He's just as bad as Niall. 

"How do you know my name?" I asked with a shaky voice, my emotions bubbling over.


"Did Niall tell you?" He asked, glancing at me for a moment. 

"He did." I confirmed, looking at him warily. 

"Well, there you go." He nodded, his attention trained on the road now.

"What do you want from me?" I asked. My mind flooded with the scenarios and possibilities that could happen. Harry could very well do the things I fear he will if he wants to. 

"Niall's mad." He said simply. 

"And?" I countered, not seeing his reasoning for making me faint, trapping me in his car and taking me somewhere I'm still oblivious to. I swallowed nervously, not sure what his response would be.

"At you." 

I felt the fear strike within me, my body sinking into the seat. I brought my bottom lip between my teeth and bit down on it to stop from crying. I have a very vivid picture of what Niall does and would do when he is and gets angry. I had to push the images away when I thought about what he would do once he gets his hands on me. But apart from being frightened, I was angered. I feel like an object, a piece of property. Like I belong to Niall. 

"Niall doesn't own me!" I shout hysterically. 

"Scar, he really does." Harry told me. 

I felt the tears pushing at my eyes, desperate to fall. I looked away from Harry, focusing out the window. At this point I wish I had never met Niall. Maybe a small part of me was hoping he wasn't as bad as he seems. Maybe there's more behind that harsh, intimidating stature that he puts on. But it seemed like Niall was frightening from the inside, out.

"Scar, don't cry." Harry sighed. In a way, his soothing tone comforted me. But I didn't let that phase me. He was still himself, even if he chose to be sweet for a moment. 

"Why am I here then?" I snapped, looking at him questioningly. 

"You're here so we can protect you." 

"Who's we?" I asked. 



"Louis." He confirmed my thoughts. 

I felt my nerves build up again, the thought of being anywhere near Louis made my blood pressure rise to an all new high. It seemed like trouble was inevitable, it wouldn't leave me be. It's like it was attracted to me and there's no way to avoid it. Harry must've noticed that that didnt sit well with me because he sighed sympathetically. 

"We won't hurt you. Louis won't hurt you." He promised me. 

"Why are you doing this? Why are you keeping me from Niall when he's your friend?" I asked, swallowing back the large lump in my throat. This question has been on my mind ever since Harry first spoke, and now I needed answers. I don't understand why Harry and Louis are doing this, why they're keeping me safe from the danger known as Niall. He's thier friend, so why are they helping me instead of him? 

"Because when Niall's angry, he doesn't think rationally. He does stuff he doesn't mean, and sometimes that kind of stuff goes too far." He spoke.

"I know." I said quietly. 

"What?" He asked, clearly not hearing me. 

"I know." I repeated, surprised when Harry's jaw clenched.

What has he done?" He asked. 

I slowly lifted my shirt to reveal two bruises on each hip, a reminder of Niall's short temper. Harry's gaze left the road for a few moments to examine the marks on my abdomen. I could tell he was growing slightly angry, but when I pulled my shirt down, his features softened. 

"Just try not to make him angry." He sighed. 

"Well it's obviously too late for that! Anything I do sets him off Harry!" I cried. It was true. It seemed like every little thing I did got on Niall's nerves. There was no way around it. 

"Scar, I know. It'll be okay." He told me, and I could only pray that he meant his words. 

I focused back out the window, staring aimlessly out the glass. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Harry gazing at my hip. I looked down and realised my shirt had ridden up because of the seat belt. I pulled it down, evading eye contact with Harry. 

"It's only because he cares about you." He said softly. 

I sunk lower in my seat, brushing off his comment. You don't hurt the people you care for. I didn't get to ponder over my thoughts for long because before I knew, we had pulled up to a house basically in the middle of no where Great.


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