Dangerous (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Scarlett White, normal good girl. With her father not in the picture, it was her and her mother.
Niall Horan, troubled bad boy. With a past of drugs, alcohol, and violence, everyone of Mullinger feared him. Except for Harry and Louis, the only ones close to him.
When Niall takes an interest in Scarlett, she wants nothing to do with him. She knew about how he was, the drugs, the fights, the drinking. He was notorious around the city.
When Niall doesn't give up, Scarlett finds herself wrapped up in a mess of dangerous lies, and dangerous people.
What happens when feelings change? Scarlett somehow finds herself falling for this boy. Will she tear his walls down, and teach him to love again.
But could their love, be risking it all?


7. Chapter 7

After waking up, showering and eating breakfast, my thoughts were focused on talking to Bradyn. He hasn't talk to me in the longest time and it's so unlike him. Whether Niall likes it or not, he can't keep me away from him. 

I know that it's partially, maybe completely Niall's fault. I was a tad bit nervous that Niall would be mad that I defied him. But then again, there's no possible way he could even find out. I climbed into my car, pushing my second guesses to the back of my mind as I started it up. I pulled out of my driveway and onto the open road. 

I couldn't help but think about when the next time I see Niall will be. It's strange to say this, but yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe I was just so against going on a date with him that I was ruining the evening for myself. Besides the date, another event kept replaying in my mind. The kiss. It may have been meaningless to Niall but it was different for me. I couldn't put my finger on it exactly. 

My thoughts were clouding my mind, almost giving me a headache so I was glad when I saw Bradyn's house come into view. I pulled into the driveway, turning the car off and stepping out. The gravel crunched underneath my feet as I shut the car door, advancing to the front door. I brought my hand up, knocking three times before waiting. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the blinds being messed with, a pair of eyes looking out. I turned to look at the window but Bradyn was gone. I impatiently waited for him to open up, but my impatience grew into frustration when the door remained closed.

"Bradyn!" I yelled, beginning to bang on the door. 

Reality set in the that he wasn't going to open up. I ran my hand through my hair in frustration. My eyes landed on the hate and something clicked in my head. I hurriedly ran to it, praising the lord when I found that it was unlocked. I pushed it open, traveling to the back door. I was surprised when I realized that it was unlocked as well. 

I pushed the door open, and felt my eyebrows being pulled into a frown. It was completely dark, every light was flipped off. I shut the door, swallowing nervously as I peered around the livingroom. 

"Bradyn!" I called. 

Silence. I huffed in annoyance, advancing into the kitchen. Everything was in order, the pots and pans where they should be, the usual fruit bowl placed on the table. He obviously wasn't in here, so I continued on my quest to find him.

I slowly make my way up the stairs and walk to his bedroom. At this point, I'm nearing angry so instead of knocking I just barge in, not thinking rationally. The lights were off, not a single sound echoed throughout the house. At this point, I felt tears begin to prickle in my eyes. I'm so confused, I almost feel as if I've lost my mind.

I make my way back down the stairs, staring aimlessly around Bradyn's home. I couldn't have imagined it, I know for a fact that I saw Bradyn peeking through the blinds. He wouldn't ignore me like that. Then again, his abrupt departure make zero sense either. My shoulders shrunk back in defeat.

I only wish that I didn't feel so comfortable in Bradyn's house and that I was more alert because I was completely caught off guard when I felt a hand cover my mouth, an arm snaking around my waist. I struggle to break free of his this persons hold, but they were too strong for me. My hands desperately try to peel the hand away from my mouth but I'm no match for whoever this is. Two fingers clamp over my nose, stopping all air from entering my lungs. I felt my chest tighten with the lack of oxygen. The room began to spin and I felt dizzy. The last thing I remember is fighting for freedom before everything goes black.





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