Dangerous (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Scarlett White, normal good girl. With her father not in the picture, it was her and her mother.
Niall Horan, troubled bad boy. With a past of drugs, alcohol, and violence, everyone of Mullinger feared him. Except for Harry and Louis, the only ones close to him.
When Niall takes an interest in Scarlett, she wants nothing to do with him. She knew about how he was, the drugs, the fights, the drinking. He was notorious around the city.
When Niall doesn't give up, Scarlett finds herself wrapped up in a mess of dangerous lies, and dangerous people.
What happens when feelings change? Scarlett somehow finds herself falling for this boy. Will she tear his walls down, and teach him to love again.
But could their love, be risking it all?


5. Chapter 5

I woke up, the first thing I felt was an arm around my waist. The memories of last night came rushing back to me, and I realized again, why I was here, wrapped in Niall's arms. I turned my head to see Niall intently watching me, a small smile on his face. 

I stretched, yawning before I flipped over on my side to face him. Was I still frightened by him? Yes, but I can't help but think there's more to him than what meets the eye. He's shown me a new side of him. 

"Good morning beautiful" he smiled, tucking a strand of my dark hair behind my ear. 
"Morning Ni".

I attempt to get up from the mess of sheets, but his arm wounds around my waist, keeping me stationary on the bed.
"Don't go" he complains. 

I huff, lying back down in my former position. 
"What time is our date?" I ask him. He smiles at the thought, which I found adorable. Did I just call Niall Horan adorable?

"8:30" he told me. "Don't you think I should get home?" I asked, watching him. Something about him just captivated me. "Nope".

"Scar?" He suddenly asked.


"Are you still afraid of me?"

His question took me off guard for one, wasn't it obvious. I was worried if I told him the truth, he would get mad. I say quiet, pondering over what I should tell him. But my silence was all he needed.

"I know you are" he sighed. I looked at his expression, and it broke my heart. He looked so defeated, confused and hurt. 

"Well I mean, you're not surprised right? That's normal" I reasoned. Because it was. Everyone of mullinger feared him, he should know that.

"But I don't want you to be afraid of me" he almost whispered. I didn't want to be afraid of him, I really didn't. The only people I'm aware that actually care for him, his Harry and Louis. But he's built this reputation. Of course people are going to be frightened by him. But I wanted to give him a chance. He was more than his bad boy appearance. 

"Show me I can trust you" I told him. Trust was everything, if you actually thought about it. Trust was important in friendships, relationships, and even between you and your parents. I needed to gain his trust, because right now, I only have a small slither of it.

He smiled at that, before getting off the mattress. I watched him make it his way to the other side of the bed, before walking to the dresser. He pulled out a t shirt and some sweats. As he fumbled with his shirt, I couldn't help but admire his back muscles. I guess Niall noticed I was staring, because he raises an eyebrow, chuckling. I roll over, covering my face with the pillow. 

When I take the pillow off my face, Niall is stood leaning against the door frame. I pulled the covers off me, my feet hit the carpeted ground. I bend down, grabbing my clothes. When I stand up, Niall is right infront of me. I watch as his eyes scan down and then up my body, before they meet mine. He gives me a little wink, before stepping aside so that I could go to the bathroom to change.

"Niall" I sighed, rolling me eyes at him. I continued to the bathroom, stepping in and making sure I locked it behind me. I grabbed the hem of Niall's t shirt, pulling it over my head. I let go of the fabric, letting it fall to the bathroom floor. I pulled my jeans up my legs, zipping and buttoning. I pulled my top over my head, looking at my reflection in the mirror. It reminded me again how low cut my top actually was. The memories of Blake's touches flooded into my mind.

I hurriedly unlocked the door, exiting the bathroom. Niall wasn't in the room, the bed unoccupied. I continued down the stairs, the livingroom empty at well. I found him in the kitchen, making toast. I stood by the doorway, just watching him for a while before I spoke up.

"Niall?" I asked.

He turned around, smiling when he saw me standing there. 

"Hmm?" He hummed, turning back to the cooking food.

"Why hasn't Bradyn spoken to me?"

I noticed him tense up, his t shirt was see through so it was easy to see his back muscles move.
"I don't know". But he was clearly lying, I'm not stupid.

"You know damn well why" I accused, my time coming off a bit more harsh than I intended. I felt the fear the sink when he turned around, his eyes were a dark blue, not the usual beautiful blue his eyes held. I tried to back up, an attempt to increase the space between us. But it didn't work, my back hit the wall.

Niall continued to stalk toward me, his jaw clenched. His hands held onto my hips, pushing me into the wall. I whimpered at the pain, his grip beginning to become unbearable. I peered up at him to see him watching me, his expression scared me. He wasn't pleased.

N-Niall" I whimpered, but it was barely audible. I tried to push him away, but it was no use. He wasn't going to move. 

"You don't talk to me like that, got it?" He asked. I gulped before slowly nodding. He gave me one last look, before hastily shoving me back against the wall like I was just something he needed to get out of his way.

He turned back to the food, completely ignoring me. I pushed myself off the wall, stomping toward the couch. I felt so overpowered, like I couldn't defend myself against him. Which in all honesty, I couldn't. Niall was a grown man, where as I was much smaller and weaker than him. 

I felt his gaze on me, I looked up to see him leaning against the door frame, it was obvious he had been watching me. "Are you mad at me?" He asked. I didn't say anything, just kept looking at my lap.

I could hear him walking toward me, and before I knew it he was kneeling down infront of me. He lifted the hem of my top up, his fingers beginning to knead into the skin. It did feel good, but I wouldn't tell him that. He continued to massage my hips, both of us were silent.

"I'm sorry" he apologized. I was beginning to doubt whether he wouldn't hurt me. He promised he wouldn't hurt me, and here he was shoving me against walls and causing unbearable pain.

"Just take me home" I sighed. His fingers stopped massaging my hips, he peered up at me. I almost felt bad, the way he was looking at me. But I couldn't give in. "Niall, please just take me home?" I asked.


He let go of my waist, sighing. He stood up, grabbing his keys off the coffee table. "C'mon".

I stood up, slipping on my shoes. I followed Niall out to the car, pulling the door open. I slid in, buckling myself up. He started the ignition, pulling out. 
"Are we still going out later?" He asked.

"Yes" I told him. I could tell he was relieved that I didn't back out of the date. But believe me, I wanted to. He needed to control his anger better, it's like it got the best of him, and he lost control. But I wouldn't give up on him.

We soon enough pulled infront of my house, making me ponder over how he knew where I lived. But I didn't ask. I began unbuckling myself, opening the passenger door. My wrist was suddenly grabbed, making me turn to look at Niall.

"Scar, I'm really sorry" he apologized again. 

"It's fine."

"I'll see you tonight." he said, releasing my wrist. I just nodded, climbing out and shutting the door.

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