Dangerous (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Scarlett White, normal good girl. With her father not in the picture, it was her and her mother.
Niall Horan, troubled bad boy. With a past of drugs, alcohol, and violence, everyone of Mullinger feared him. Except for Harry and Louis, the only ones close to him.
When Niall takes an interest in Scarlett, she wants nothing to do with him. She knew about how he was, the drugs, the fights, the drinking. He was notorious around the city.
When Niall doesn't give up, Scarlett finds herself wrapped up in a mess of dangerous lies, and dangerous people.
What happens when feelings change? Scarlett somehow finds herself falling for this boy. Will she tear his walls down, and teach him to love again.
But could their love, be risking it all?


1. Chapter 1

 Scarlett's POV

"Hey Bradyn, could you come pick me up from work please"? I asked my bestfriend over the phone. 

"Sure thing Scar, I'll be there in a few" he said.

"Alright, thanks B".

I hung up, stuffing my phone in my back pocket. Bradyn wouldn't be here for a few minutes, so I took the spare time I had to clean up around the music shop. Grabbing a guitar that was misplaced, I put it back on the shelf where it belonged. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my co-worker Elle collecting her stuff.

"Leaving so soon"? I asked her.

"Yeah, I'm sorry Scarlett. Long day, y'know? Andrea left a while ago, something about a family member being ill..? Anyway, don't forget to close up when you leave" she said. Giving me a small wave, she pushed the heavy metal door open, exiting the shop.

Elle was a nice girl to work with, she was sweet and mainly kept to herself. She had long blonde hair that reached her waist. She had dyed her ends a light brown, it actually looked pretty nice. She had the biggest eyes I'd ever seen, in a good way though. They were bright blue. I'd taken notice in how they change shades depending on her mood. She was about my height, maybe a little shorter. Everyone who worked here didn't have a problem with her, but they've commented on how she's a little, 'too sweet'. 

I made sure to clock out, grabbing my coat and purse. Locking the shop up wasn't my favorite part about working here. It meant leaving later than the others, but I could use the extra money. 

I put my coat on, buttoning it up. It was very chilly out, the cold wind blowing my long dark hair in all sorts of directions. Smoothing my hair down with my palm, I picked a bench to sit on whilst I waited for my bestfriend to pick me up. My bestfriend was a guy, he's not gay though. We've just established our relationship as friends only. And I was glad about that too. I couldn't imagine being anything but friends.

He wouldn't be here for a few minutes, so I decided to pull my phone out to scroll through my feed. Swiping my thumb over the screen, I lightly laughed at one of the posts I saw on my Instagram. 

I was probably just being paranoid, as I always was. But I couldn't stop the shiver that ran through up my spine, and throughout my body. And it wasn't the cold weather. It was the shiver you got when you felt like someone was watching you. A very displeasant feeling if I say so myself.

I looked up from my phone screen to see if I could target the source of the wierd feeling. But I found nothing. I shook my head, letting out a sigh as I focused back down on the electronic device held in my palm.

I heard a car engine, peeking up through my eyelashes I saw it was bradyns black charger. Smiling as I saw him wave at me, approaching, the smile dropped when I noticed a different black car parked across the street. 

I squinted to see who exactly the driver of this black range rover was. My breath hitched in my throat when I caught this mysterious boy staring directly at me. He obviously had no shame in it either, continuing to gaze at me from where he was stationed.

He had dirty blonde hair, probably dyed blonde from an original brown. My mother was a hair stylist, and I couldn't help but pick up on a few tips and tricks here and there. His arm slung out the window, I immediatley took notice in how buff he was. Anyone could see he was very strong at first glance. He also had some tattoos on his arms, one disappearing underneath his sleeve. When my eyes met his, my breath got caught in my throat again.

They were ice blue. Not the normal blue that you see whilst walking past strangers everyday, but a different blue. Even from across the busy street I could make out the exact color. They pierced into mine, I felt like I couldn't move.

I frowned as he smirked, biting his bottom lip before driving off. 

Two fingers snapped infront of my face, bringing me out of my trance. I looked up to see Bradyn looking down at me, confusion in his expression. I stood up, grabbing his hand and leading him back to his car.

"Scar, are you alright"? He asked, mid being dragged to the car parked not that far away. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be"? I asked a little too quickly. He squinted at me suspiciously, but thankfully didn't dig any further. Bradyn was very protective over me, like a big brother. 

I opened the passenger door, sliding in. I set my purse in my lap, leaning my head against the window as I recalled everything that had happened only a few minutes ago. That wasn't your usual guy checking you out. Most guys in mullinger take a glance over you, and keep on walking. Unless they're the douche type of guys who whistle at you like your a dog. No boy ever sits in his car and watches you from across the street. Something about this boy gave me an off feeling, I knew it was best if I kept my distance from the un named boy.

We soon enough pulled into my driveway, knocking me from my thoughts. That boy was still on my mine, causing me to ask Bradyn something.

"Hey, can you stay with me"? I asked him. He glanced at me, before looking away and shaking his head. "What? Why, we always have sleepovers" I told him, throwing my hands in the air.

"Not until you tell me what you were so focused on at the music shop" he told me. I was waiting for this, sooner or later he would ask me.

"Bradyn, it's not-" I began. "No. Tell me" he said, crossing his arms.

"Fine. So, while I was waiting for you, I noticed this boy. He was in his car, just staring at me from across the street. It really wasn't that big of a deal" I said. Even though I was starting to get scared. What did he want from me?

Bradyns face paled, his hands gripped the steering wheel just a little bit tighter. "What is it"? I asked urgently. He swallowed, looking down at me.

"Did this boy have blonde hair, and very blue eyes"? He asked. I frowned as I nodded slowly. How did he know him?

"Damnit" Bradyn muttered under his breath. "What"? I asked confused, watching him get out of the car and coming to my side.

He opened my door, swiftly picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. I knew he was just trying to get in the house quicker. 

Once inside, he set me down on my feet. I crossed my arms, giving him my best, 'what the hell' look.

"Scarlett, you have to stay away from him" he said simply. What was going on?


"He's trouble scar. He's no good". 

"And how would you know that. How do you even know him"?

"Everyone knows that! He's the worst in mullinger. Do you want to end up with bruises all over you"? He asked. 

"No. But I never said I was even interested in him".

"Good. Promise you'll stay away from him"?

"Well yeah. I'd rather not become someone's punching bag" I stated.

He breathed out a sigh of relief, collapsing on my couch. 

"Movie night"? I suggested. I kneeled down to the tv stand in my livingroom, already flipping through the movies I owned.

"Sure. I'll grab the blankets, and don't worry. I'll take care of that" he smiled. I already knew we'd be watching iron man or something of that sorts. "You go make the popcorn" he told me.

I waltzed into the kitchen, grabbing a package of popcorn from the pantry. Unwrapping the clear part off of the bag, I threw it in the trash. I popped the bag in the microwave, setting it on the appropriate time. My phone suddenly buzzed in my back pocket.

I opened the text message, expecting it to be from one of my friends. But that wasn't what I got. My heart thumped loudly in my chest as I re-read the message over again.

From: Unknown

I'm not at bad(;

No doubt in my mind that this was the boy I had saw from earlier. I felt the fear sink in, how did he even get my number?

I decided not to show Bradyn, knowing he'd flip shit and demand for my phone. I heard the microwave beep, my feet bringing me toward the awaiting food.

Tearing open the bag, I poured the buttery goodness into two bowls. I spun on my heels, exiting the kitchen. 

I almost dropped the bowls at the sight of Bradyn sitting on the couch, holding his nose. Blood flowed through his fingers, dripping onto his shirt.

I quickly scrambled to him, setting the popcorn on the coffee table. Placing my small hand on his, I felt the panic set in. How could he have hurt himself gathering blankets?

"Bradyn, my god, what happened"? I asked frantically. He simply shoved my hand from his, standing up.

"No, Bradyn your hurt. Sit down" I told him, grabbing his arm. He stepped away from my touch, causing my shoulders to shrink back. I was hurt by his actions.

"Scar, I'm fine. Just.. Just go to bed. See you later" he said, grabbing the doorknob. He gave me one last look, before stepping out.

I could sense that something was terribly wrong, my eyes brimming with tears. I was now here alone, my palms beginning to feel sweaty.

A tear ran down my cheek as I stared at the door where my bestfriend just walked out on me. Something told me I wouldn't be seeing him for a while, even though he told me he would see me later. I ran a hand through my hair in distress, picking up the blankets from where they laid on the arm of the couch.

I ran up the steps, slamming my bedroom door closed behind me. My mother wasn't home yet, and I was glad. She didn't need to see what had happened just a few minutes ago. 

My back slid down the door, now sitting on the ground with my knees pulled up to my chest. I was determined to hold back the tears, but I couldn't. In all honesty, I was scared. The boy staring at me, the text, what Bradyn had informed me about this certain boy. And finally, Bradyns bloody nose. 

Wiping my face with my sleeve, I pulled my jeans of my body, followed by my sweater. I sniffled as my t shirt was pulled over my head, my pajama shorts tugged up my legs. I crawled into my bed, pulling the comforter over my shivering body. The crying I had done helped contribute to falling asleep quite fast. I soon fell into a worrisome sleep.


This book isn't mine it's Narlettshipper on wattpad 

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