just to hard

Will niall fall to fast or will he fight with liam over a girl for the first time but she leaves so none of them can have her because it is too preasuring or that she is just cruel?


2. what has happened

As you know im logan. Im not popular @ all. Im the quiet self conscious person. I have one friend. He is jason. I like him in a brotherly way. He doesnt have a girlfriend and we promised not to date ever. Im crazy and he respects that. Im quiet in school but outside with nobody but us I sound like a zoo and we act like we are drunk. Im justhappy I have a friend like him, afriend at all. My parents died 11weeks ago. I amstill getting thorough the pain. I am bullied at school and so is jason because he is friends with me. I tell him to stop being my friend but he doesnt stop.

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