♪Caught Between The Moon and Paris♪

This story is about a troubled 17 year old; Sarabelle, who has lost so many people that she loved and cared about that it made her believe that if she fell in love, she will lose the person again. But can a trip to Paris change her idea of life and love completely, will she break that curse that makes her lose everyone?
Read to find out!
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This movella is where when Harry is famous


1. Tragic Past

Past Christmas:

It was a cold winter in New York, white snow falling and floors like white sugar everywhere. There were families spending time with each other and having fun out in the snow. Sarabelle was playing with her younger brother Jeremy, who was 12 years old. They were both alone in the house while their mother was at a doctors appointment, and their father out working on his business that nobody knew except Lauren; his wife, the kids mother. Jeremy convinced Sarabelle to help with the tree and the decorations. When they were done, Sarabelle put the gifts under the tree and cooked some meatloaf. Jeremy served the food on the table and they both waited for their parents to get home. They waited for hours and hours but they never showed up, so Sarabelle told Jeremy to eat, that she was gonna call her father to see why they had not shown up.

"Hey dad? Um when you get this message, please call me back." Sarabelle left on his phone, then she called Lauren, their mother.

"Mom? I called dad and he is not picking up, and now you aren't answering either, just... please call me when you get this."

Sarabelle took a deep breath and went to the kitchen and washed all the dishes, put away the left overs and she served herself a piece of meatloaf.

"Sara, where is mom and dad? Are they gonna miss Christmas again?" Jeremy asked her. His deep blue eyes penetrated hers with hurt and pain.

"No, no sweetie, they are gonna be here, it is just that they are gonna be home a little late okay? C'mon let's get you to bed." Sarabelle said grabbing his hand and leading him up the stairs into his room. Jeremy was a big fan Star wars and space, so he had his ceiling painted dark blue and he put some glow in the dark star stickers and he had posters everywhere of Star Wars. She kissed the top of his head and covered him up in his bed, then closing the door slowly and took a shower and went to sleep.

There was a knock on the door and she opened her eyes and went downstairs. Sarabelle opened the door and there were two men in black tuxedos with FBI badges. One of them was in the car and the other one in front of her. He had blonde hair and he looked middle aged, tall and strong.

"Hello, are you Sarabelle Frost, daughter of Mr. Frost?" 

"Y-yes? What do you want?" Sarabelle was terrified of what he was going to tell her.

"I am sorry to say this but your father... he is dead."

She just stood there behind the door staring at him. "What do you mean dead? Is this a joke? Because it's not funny"

"I am so sorry ma'm, your father was a wanted man by the Federal Government of the United States and he had to be killed. I am sorry"

Sarabelle began to breath heavier and heavier, each breath she took made it harder for her to seep in the air. Her heart was torn out into million pieces, she felt great sadness. While he walked away. 

"Wait! Please wait!" she yelled, he turned around quickly as she walked towards him, teary eyed. 

"He was with my mom, where is she? How did he die?"

The man sighed "Look, this all must be hard for you, and if you weren't old enough i wouldn't tell you this, just please, stay calm." Sarabelle nodded

"Your father was a drug dealer and he transported drugs from different countries, and your mother had a heritage of mental illness, didn't you know she was going to a psychologist and had to be under supervision?"

"N-no, I didn't know that but how do you know all of this?"

"I am an agent of the FBI, I had to investigate your whole life to find your father. I was assigned on this case a year ago."

"Just... How did he die and where is my mother?" Sarabelle thought all of this was a scam but it turned out the truth, her mother was hospitalized in a Mental Institution and her father was really gone.

Jeremy and Sarabelle went to their father's burial, Sarabelle stood her ground but Jeremy, he was hurt, in a lot of pain. Three years later she lost Jeremy, he died in a car accident, he was drugged and a truck hit him and he died in the impact. Sarabelle went to live with her aunt Jane in Tennessee.  

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