Okay so this story is basically about me and my twin sister Eve (yes in real life). We have been through this and i thought i could write a bit about it. Eve may write a chapter as we have decided to do it together(she would be co). Surname/middle names will be made up and the age for Ben (our little brother). Every other character is made up except me Eve and Ben and the school is. Me and Eve get jelous of our friend and each other and well...ENJOY!!!


1. Chapter 1

I walk out of school shielding my eyes from the sun ad fishing my iPhone4 out of my leather, orange bag.

"Lizzy!Lizzy!!!" I turn around to see Sophia running frantically across the yard towards me. I laugh. 


"Where's Eve and Tia?" Soph asks.

"I'm here!" Eve says walking towards us. 

"And T's at drama club, I'm giving it a miss. I've got that math test to study for." I groan. Eve and Sophie groan with me. 

"Can I come to your house to study Alicia drives me mad when I'm trying to study." We laugh at the picture of Sophs 7 year old sister dancing around to old rock music while she's trying to study. 

We walk down the hill in the warm summer sun, laughing and joking and,well, just being us! 

"Guys? What's it like being a twin?"




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