A Forgotten Magical Creation

Scarlet Red Membles is a magically created person. The only problem os she doesn't know about her true origin. Her perpose was to accompany her "sister" ,Evergreen Membles.But one day,a barn owl was seen flying towards the family.Scarlet was suddenly being ignored and Dumbledore decides to pop in for a visit....


5. Two Cores

Dumbledore had apparated us into the Leaky Cauldron.I had only been here once and the memories flooded into my mind.People called me 'a cute little vampire' and I was served an actual mug of hot steamy rat blood instead of my hot chocolate.It was disgusting.Maggots dipped in and out of it,enjoying the warm red.Ever just laughed and pushed it away.

Damn,I miss her.

A fly landed on my nose,making me sneeze and pulling me away from my memories.

Tom,the LC owner's son swatted the fly away from me.His smirk showing of his pearly white teeth.His brown hair rested on his head like a silky mop.

"Hi."he smiled.

"Hi"I smiled back.

"Pardon me.But I'm sure Tom might want to get to Rosmerta at the bar."

Tom nodded a goodbye.

We made our way towards the brick wall at the back.


We first went into Flourish and Blotts.There were books everywhere! Books lay on the wooden shelves arranged alphabetically.A display of books about frog spawn were displayed at the window and a bunch of girls younger than me were grouped around a shelf displaying books tittled, Wizarding Dairies.

"So what extra classes are you attending this year? Divination? Care for Magical Creatures? Muggles Studies?"

"How many do I have to choose?"

"At least one,dotty."

I looked away when Dumbledore called me 'dotty'.

"Uh-uh......Care for Magical Creatures sounds nice."


He smiled and walked through the shelves and shelves of books,picking some up on the way.


We finally had got all my stuff,Dumbledore did everything for me!
I feel so bad,but he said it was all to prepare me for my wand.

We walked into Ollivanders and I immediately sensed magic in the air.Every breathe I took,a weird tingling filled my lungs.

"I never thought that Dumbledore would ever bring in a vampire to buy a wand."A man with jet black hair and piercing grey eyes stood behind the counter.He looked a few years younger Dum-Dad.

Man I'll never get used to that.

A wand was being held up in front of my face.I took it excitedly and waved it.


Blood ran down the walls from the ceilling

Ollivander handed me another wand.I waved it and tortured screams rang around the room.

Ollivander took another wand desperately.The shop is starting to feel like a haunted torture chamber.

This time,wands flew out of their boxes poking us everywhere.Though thankfully,not firing any spells.

The blood,the screams and the poking is torturing us physically and mentally.

I desperately struggled to grab the wand from Ollivander's experiment table,the only wand that didnt go rogue.

I waved the magical stick.

Everything stopped.The blood turned into a pattern of glittering red swirls on the walls,The screams died down and turned into melodious singing.A beautiful red mist came out from the wand I was holding sending out a sweet scent of dragon blood.

"Woah."Pushing aside the floating wands around him,Dumbledore got up from his crouching position on the floor.

Ollivander pushed aside the wands that were cornering him near a shelf and ran towards me.

He shook my shoulders breathlessly saying,"The wand,amazing.....Amazing!"
I flinched.His voice raised from stammer to excited shouting.

"9 3/4 inches,maple,phoenix feather and dragon hearstring core,slightly whippy."

I looked down at the wand.

9 3/4 inches,seems legit.

Maple,so it's red,very different.

"Phoenix feather and dragon hearstring.......Wait isnt a wand supposed to only have one core?"

"Yes,that is what makes this wand even more special."

"Have you gotten your name on a chocolate frog card yet?This discovery is amazing!!"Asked a very excited Dad.

Still never getting used to that.

"Yes, Bertie Bott interviewed me just yesterday.Fine chap,he is."

"This wand wont go wrong,will it? I dont want my daughter getting hurt."

Ollivander's eyes widened.He just stared at me.Then he finally answered in a quietly unsure voice.

"Of course not."I guess not many people question Dad.

Still never getting used to that.

I took out seven galleons and put it on the messed up counter.Dad chuckled and went out.I nodded a thank you and followed him.


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