A Forgotten Magical Creation

Scarlet Red Membles is a magically created person. The only problem os she doesn't know about her true origin. Her perpose was to accompany her "sister" ,Evergreen Membles.But one day,a barn owl was seen flying towards the family.Scarlet was suddenly being ignored and Dumbledore decides to pop in for a visit....


7. The Second Platform

The train ride was good.I stumbled upon a little red jelly bean which tasted like blood.Surprisingly,it was delicious,but we all have our weird tastes.

As I set my feet on the platform I heard a loud tough voice shout,"First years this way!Come along!Oh! and you! The vampire!"

I groaned and made my way towards him,he was huge!Maybe even twice my height!But his kind black eyes reassured me that he was no bully.

"I'm not a vampire you know.I'm as normal as you are."

"You're part giant?"He whispered in a surprised hush.

I frowned and shook my head.

"Then you're not as normal as me."

Woah!A giant in Hogwarts.Cool!


We entered the Great Hall and saw a thousand heads turning to look at us.Their eyes puzzledly set on me.I was was mesmerized.There were candles floating above the heads of a black mass of Hogwarts students!

The professors were seated at a long floating wooden table on the on the other side of the hall.I wasn't the only one dazed by the magic,the first years around me were so still.A small,mousy haired girl fainted and brought us back to our senses.Two prefects from the Hufflepuff table got up and carried her to their table where water sprouted from one of the wands into the cup.The rest of us made our way towards a very battered hat sitting on a tall wooden stool,the Sorting Hat.The hat opened the cut that was its mouth.

"Four houses made for Hogwarts,

Are picky as their owners.

Griffindor chooses braver blood,

But Ravenclaw picks the wise and smarts,

Slytherin the power-hungry blood

whom he thinks are the best.

But be warned dear children,

that this year killings will occur.

time for feast!

dont be a jeast!

and bye"

Is it me or was that the worst rhyming ever?


And I'm back!

I realise this chapter is just so short and badly written but I hv no idea how to edit it to be better.So I hope the next chapter  will be better

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