A Forgotten Magical Creation

Scarlet Red Membles is a magically created person. The only problem os she doesn't know about her true origin. Her perpose was to accompany her "sister" ,Evergreen Membles.But one day,a barn owl was seen flying towards the family.Scarlet was suddenly being ignored and Dumbledore decides to pop in for a visit....


6. The Red Train

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To day is the day I enter Hogwarts.After all the excitement,I totally forgot about my family.....

Nah,I shouldn't worry too much.Maybe Ever will still be the kind and amazing person I know.

"A penny for your thoughts dear?" said Dumbledore.

"Oh,sorry.I'm just excited to go to Hogwarts.I feel that same feeling a 3-year old gets on the first day of school.I hope I can enter a good house.An-and I totally want to see my friend Bella! Oh!And Tom Riddle! I hear he is an excellent student!Sorry,I'm rambling again."I squeaked.

But I swear,I saw Dumbledore's face harden a little when I mentioned Tom.Maybe it's just my imagination.

I looked at the wall,it looks way solid.

"Do I have to think happy thoughts?or a word? or my body becoming liquid? or-" Dubledore chuckled cutting off my rant.

"You just past through,no matter what you are thinking."He said.and strolled to into the wall.

I looked around.the muggles were minding their own business not even looking at my direction.

I took a deep breathe and ran,pushing my trolley in front of me.

3..Shit! The wall looks too solid!

2....Holy Mother Of God!I'm gonna crash!Hey! Is that wizard kid staring at me?

1...Why is he.....

I went through the wall.

It felt like nothing!Well,if you can describe a feeling of sudden change of scenery nothing,then yeah I felt nothing.

I met up with Dumbledore who was standing by one of the red train's entrance.

"This is the Hogwarts Express."He said.

It was magnificent!Its red still as red as an apple,its engine sounds as merry as ever and the seats are still strong telling by all the kids  standing on it to say goodbye.

Dumbledore nodded to show that he knows what I wanted to ask (Is magic added to its building process?) and helped me carry my dark red trunk up the stairs.I stepped on the train and waved goodbye.

Walking in the corridor was a night mare!People turned to stare at me in pure curiosity.

A girl with short,wolf-style brown hair and green eyes stepped in front of me with a look of pure disgust on her face.

"Ever!"I dropped my trunk and hugged her tightly.

She pushed me away and I fell hurting my bum.

"Look you little bitch!Don't you come anywhere near me.You are just a failed expired creation.You were supposed to die when I got my letter!And now look,you are sitting on your bum in the middle of the corridor and was excited to go to Hogswarts!What did you do?Sneak in?!"She screamed.

Tears started to flow down my cheeks.

"N-no.I d-didnt.I-"

"You what?!Huh?!You lilttle cu-"

"Stop."A strong confident voice said behind me.A hand reached for my arms to pull me up.

"This is bad behavior from you Miss Membles.I shall report to you Professor Dumbledore once we reach the school."The voice said.

Ever opened her mouth to say something but the voice cut her off.

"I have half a mind to send an owl now."

She glared at me then walked off into the compartment.

I turned around, only to face a stunning boy whom I think is as old as me.He had short,neatly-combed brown hair and reddish brown eyes.

"Stop staring.It's rude to stare.I'm Tom Riddle and you are?"He asked,his voicecame out forced when he said his name.Like he rather not have it.

"I-I'm Scarlet Red."

"Pardon my curiosity,but are you a vampire?"

"No.No I'm not.I.....I'm as normal as any wizard and witch I this world."

His eyes narrowed a little at my lie but he smiled beautifully after.

"Nice to meet you,Scarlet.Want me to help you with your bags?"

"Oh no.I can carry them myself.T-thank you anyways."

He nodded and rejoined his group of admirers.

I turned around to find a lot of students staring at me,some even glaring.

I gulped and walked towards the end of the train to find a compartment.

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