A Forgotten Magical Creation

Scarlet Red Membles is a magically created person. The only problem os she doesn't know about her true origin. Her perpose was to accompany her "sister" ,Evergreen Membles.But one day,a barn owl was seen flying towards the family.Scarlet was suddenly being ignored and Dumbledore decides to pop in for a visit....


1. But...........

Hi.I'm Scarlet,Scarlet Red Membles.I have a sister,she's a month older than me.Her name is Ever,Ever Green Membles.We both live with our mother by the town rubbish dump. My father died when we were a few months old.He comitted suicide and left all his money to his other fucking girlfriend just to show my mother how much he hated her. I'm sure you'd not want to be puzzled over what we look like so here's the details. Imagine red wavy hair,a pale face with mysterious,glowing blue eyes and naturally red lips on a small face.That's me,I'm the only one in my family who looks like a supernatural doll. Now,imagine wolf-like short brown hair,a fringe parted to the side with big beautiful green eyes.That's my sis,she looks like my mom without the wrinkles and a few white hairs,longer hair and a bonier face. Now let's start where it started. "Mom!Sis!Come look!The owls are here!"I yelled. My mom and sis came barrelling out of the lot of muggle rubbish and lumber that are held up by magic that we call home. My sister streched out her hand and snatched the letter just before the owl released it. The big moment has arrived,the day my sis and I have been waiting for ever since we understood the simplest of English. Only there weren't two letters,but one. On it read: Miss Ever Green Membles, Green Mat On The Floor, The Rubble Cottage, Tangerillage Rubbish Dump, Tangerillage, England. But....... I looked up at the sky hopefully. Unfortunately,there were no owls in sight.
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