The Green Eyed Boy

Ava was an ordinary girl until she met the boy with green eyes that glimmer in the sunlight. He was different then most guys from the first day they met. The only problem was ,"Why Did the boy always wear a jacket and not show his hair or his face?"


1. Meeting Him

Ava P.O.V.

"Come on Scott!" I yell to my best guy friend. Well, actually my only friend.

"You go on ahead! I'll be out in a second." He yells from the public bathroom at the beach. He was changing into his swim trunks.

"Fine." I mutter. I go to my car and open the trunk. I tug on the large floaty to get it to come out. It wouldn't budge. I tug harder and fall backwards taking it with me.

"Hey!" I hear a deep male voice yell before I  fall on top of him.

"Sorry." I say getting up.

"It's okay." He looks at me but all I could see were shimmering green eyes under a black sweatshirt. Not even his nose was showing.

"I'm Ava."

"Call me Harry.".I could tell he was smiling.

"Um..Who's this?" Scott comes up from behind me.

"Scott this is Harry." I say.

"Well nice to meet you, mate." Scott says.

"Um. You too." The green eyed boy says looking down and shuffling his feet.

"Are from around here?" I ask.

"I travel a lot." He says.

"Why are you wearing a sweater when it's so hot out?" Scott asks.

"I don't want to be noticed."

"By who?" I look at Harry with questioning eyes.


"What fans?" Scott asks.

"Wait, are you famous?" I say. He just nods and walks away.


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