Love? It hurts.


1. Love?

Love? Who'd fall? Who'd let themselves fall and feel hopeless, devoted and somewhat humiliated. Who'd let someone have control over your feelings. Who'd do it? Love: it's not like the story's we'd read when we were five. Love is where you fall for someone and wait for them to catch you, and if they don't catch you? You're stuck dangling from feeling and emotions. What is the point in love? You fall and you get hurt.



The real question is, why have I fallen in love when all that will happen is heartbreak. When the 'love of my life' didn't think twice about playing me in year seven. This time ill play him at his own game and we'll see who wins this time around.



His feelings? What feelings?

His heart? I own that.

He loves me, bigger fool him.

I'll win this time, you wait and see.

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