Love? It hurts.


2. Flashback


"Stop it," I giggle.

"No seriously Louis, stop it." I try to act serious. Not going to happen.

"Aw is Re ticklish?" he torments me.

"No," I stubbornly answer back with a hint of attitude.

"Then she wouldn't care if I did this.." he starts to tickle me again. I kick out trying to make him stop.

Seconds later he stops. He's on the floor by the sofa grabbing hold of his crutch. Serves you right. Dick.

I grab the empty food bowls that were once filled with crisps and take them to the kitchen.

"I thought you needed a tutor," I speak out loud. I hear footsteps enter the kitchen.

In one swift movement I had been turned around and trapped between Louis' body and the counter.

"What are you.." before I could ask his lips met mine.

For a minute I was startled, our lips suddenly started to move in sync. Damn. My arms make their way around his neck.

A beep interrupted the entrance moment and he breaks away.

"That my ride," he moves a piece of my hair out of my face and caresses my cheek.

I nod still out of breathe and lead him to the door. "bye then." I whisper as he stood on the step.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" he asks staring at me.

"No?" I answer.

He moves closer and brushes his nose against my cheek. "You're so cute when you blush." This making me blush even more.

"Goodbye Re," he presses his lips against mine once more and then leaves.

Goodbye? Is he leaving?


That Monday was weird going into school. Since I only started six months ago everyone seem to be looking at me funny. Have I got something on my face?

I make my way to lesson only to be stopped by Sarah the head cheerleader.

"Did you really kiss Louis? Do you really think you're pretty enough to go out with him?" Before I knew it I was on the floor holding my cheek. She'd slapped me. The tears spilled down my face.

He played me. Little did they know he kissed me.


After the whole day of people staring and giving me horrid looks I made my way home. I needed my mum. She'd understand. Maybe I could move schools.

A car pulled up just outside and He stood there. "Re?"

"Go away Louis. This is all your fault,"

"I had to say something. This is my social life it'd be jeopardising Re! I can't be seen kissing a nerd."

That broke me.

"You think I want to be seen with a stuck up piece of shit!?" I take a step towards him and he takes one back. "You really think playing girls is the way to go? You wait Tomlinson. You just wait. You will lose your stupid game at some point and I hope I'm there to see it. One day Louis I will beat you at this game."

I walk away but swiftly turn around on my heels. "Game on Tomlinson. Game on."

I opened the door and fell apart. Away from anyone to see. Crying is a sign that you've been strong for too long. It's good to have a cry sometimes.

Tears fell as I entered the house and yelled for her. "Mum," I sobbed. "Mum, can I talk to you."

She ran down the stairs within seconds. "What's wrong Re?! What's that on your cheek?!"

I ran up to her and she embraced me in a hug. "It was Louis. He, he said I made a pass on him. I didn't mum. He kissed me. He told everyone it was me. Mum they hate me," I sobbed into her oversized top.

"Darling, we're moving house soon. You can move schools. I'll make sure nobody hurts you like this again. I promise."

"Pinky promise?" I hold out my baby finger to her.

"Pinky promise."

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