Love? It hurts.


3. 1

I make my way up to my room after a long day at work. This summer holidays has been exhausting.


Our house is huge and by huge I mean Noah's art huge.


Mum had gotten a new job working across the world being a solicitor. She's earned more than what she did in all her thirty nine years of living.


"Mum, what's for tea?" I yell as I climb the stairs. Working as a waitress is tough work, especially when people from your old secondary school comes in.


This September i'll be going to a college studying media. I'd love to create a logo or brand information.


I start this Monday, and today is Sunday god help me.


"Spagbowl," she yelled back.



I enter my room and get into something more comfortable. Jogging bottoms, an oversized t-shirt and a pair of fluffy socks.


I make my way downstairs and sit down opposite my mum as she sits down with our food.


"Tomorrow is going to be afresh start, no more bitchy school. No more getting letters for being inappropriate to other students,"


"Mum that was one time, they called me a nerd. What do you expect me to do? sit three and take it?!"

She laughs at me. "I only knocked her head against the locker once, anyway like you said a new start."

"You excited for tomorrow then?" she takes a fork full of food and place it in her mouth.

"Hell yeah," I take the last lot of food in my mouth, it's half past nine. I need to get a shower and go bed.

"I need to get a shower, what time you out tomorrow?" Taking my plate through to the kitchen.

"I've got half the day off so I'll drop you off in the morning."

"Alright. I'll see ya in the morning." I head up the stair and turn the shower on.


I jump in the shower and wash my hair and my body. I let the water hit my back. After a while thinking about tomorrow I get out of the shower. I put on my underwear and an oversized top.


"Night mum," I yell downstairs and she yells back up.


I get under the covers and I soon fall asleep.

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