You changed everything

Everyone says that their life is bad,but you can't judge that till you walk in the shoes of a girl who has only witnessed grief pain and disappointment.Life is hard but what happens when your life is out of the ordinary and is nit like anyone elses


4. when i met him

I ran to the town high street just to get away.I had no idea what I was doing but I was out I could start my life, the way I want it to be. I was wearing dark blue jeans with a white vest top and my blue jacket. Everywhere I looked there were people, so many of them. I put my hood up just in case anybody recognised me, I didn't want to take the chance.

I remembered that my friends and people from school would be hanging out around here so I went through the back alley ways. As I kept walking I could hear screaming, not like a bad scream but the kind you do when your at a concert. It got louder and louder till I was so close I thought my ear drums were going to burst.I looked round the corner to see a huge mob of girls screaming, crying and jumping about. There right in the middle was a person crouching on the ground with his hands over his head for protection. I couldn't just leave him there so I ran towards the crowd and shoved my way through, I grabbed hold of the persons hand and dragged him out towards the alley. No one noticed because they were to busy having a breakdown.

​When I got round the corner and knew it was save the guy stood up properly so I could see his face. Dark brown hair with ocean blue eyes, he cheekily grinned while panting from running but managed to say" thanks for that, I thought I was going to be crushed by all those girls... I'm Louis by the way" omg I couldn't believe it the person I just saved was none other but louis Tomlinson from one direction. I had to contain my astonishment so I replied" your welcome, anyway it's not like I was just going to leave you there and I'm Tallulah".

I was completely gobsmacked but then I heard from the crowd" did you see that Sophia" "no what was it Julie?" "I think I just saw Tallulah , she's back , we have to find her". 

​My then I knew I had to get out , they couldn't find me so I started fast walking but the Louis said" did I say something to make you want to run away?" "No it's just I can't stay, I have to get away, it's was great meeting you and everything but I really can't stay" I said back.

​But Louis wouldn't give up and kept following me so I had no choice but warn him " stop following me ! You can't follow I need to get away " but he still wouldn't give up so I said again"Louis I'm not jokingly have to go away " but he kept following m  so I ran and hide while I watched him carelessly run passed me. I really wanted to talk to him but I couldn't , if I wanted to get away I had to let my one in a million chance go.

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