You changed everything

Everyone says that their life is bad,but you can't judge that till you walk in the shoes of a girl who has only witnessed grief pain and disappointment.Life is hard but what happens when your life is out of the ordinary and is nit like anyone elses


9. the question

​for a few days I've been living with Louis. The girls are my best friends and I feel like my life has changed . 

I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water when Louis is behind me and surprises my by asking" hey ,lulla I was wondering do you maybe want to go to a restaurant with me tonight?" My jaw dropped was this a date or just as friends ? I had no idea.


​Louis P.O.V

​i had been wanting to ask her this question for quite a long time but I've just been scared of what she was going to say. She froze like some kind of statue I wasn't sure if this was a good thing , I didn't know what to do but then she blurted out still looking at me in shock"yeah , yeah that sounds like a plan" she then wore a smile , I love it when she smiles , she looks the best and I just.want to kiss her but I can't because that would be weird.


​Tallulah P.O.V

​It was 7:00 and I had been so excited for this date but I managed to not look like s complete idiot for the day.  I was ready to go and as soon as I walked out was Louis, dressed in a blue strippy shirt with smart jeans. He look gorgeous.


​Louis P.O.V

I was so nervous I didn't know what to do but the she opened the door she was in a red dress and had black shoes . But I have to say I've never seen a more beautiful sight then now. She was gorgeous.

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