You changed everything

Everyone says that their life is bad,but you can't judge that till you walk in the shoes of a girl who has only witnessed grief pain and disappointment.Life is hard but what happens when your life is out of the ordinary and is nit like anyone elses


1. my perfect life

My life was the most amazing thing I could wish for.I'm Tallulah, I'm 16 and I had everything i could wish for. I had two little sisters Bella who was just 5 and Maisie who was 7. My dad owned a bank and my mum was a doctor.I had the dream family,at least I did...

I remember it like it was yesterday it's one of those things that you can never forget.It was three days before Christmas and I was at school. In my first lessons with my best friends. Then Miss Jonah Came in and  told me I had to go to the head mistresses office. What had I done this time?

Step by step I thought of every funny yet unacceptable thing I'd done. I remember opening that big oak door and then have Mrs Smith's big eyes on me like she was an owl. She told me to sit down so I did what I was told.

She walk round her desk with a large box of tissues and sat down right next to me, she took hold of my hands as I stared at her like she was crazy." Tallulah, I'm going to tell you something that you are not prepared to hear, this morning I got a phone call from the police about your family". "What ever it is miss I can 100% tell you it wasn't me" I proclaimed before she could carry on. "Tallulah I know it wasn't you because it's not about you, this morning there was a large fire at your home" ."What, when everyone's okay though, right, the fire officers got there in time right everyone is fine?..." I said with tears in my eyes."I'm so sorry Tallulah but by the time the fire department got there they couldn't save anyone, no one survived ..." .

I felt myself choking on my endless tears. In a matter of minutes my world and life came crashing down around me. In my eyes my life was over.everyone I loved was gone it was just me now ,nothing and no one left for me ... this was just the beginning .

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