You changed everything

Everyone says that their life is bad,but you can't judge that till you walk in the shoes of a girl who has only witnessed grief pain and disappointment.Life is hard but what happens when your life is out of the ordinary and is nit like anyone elses


3. i have to get out

​Life never got any better which leads us up to now. I'm now 17 I have no life and no future everyday I stay inside unless I'm told to leave by Johanna.I've Been living with her for about 4 months and everyday doesn't get better . Sometimes i go without food and sleep on the hard cold floor . You see Johanna thinks it's wrong for her to work and she's different from anyone else.

"THING COME HERE!" Shouted Johanna from the top of her lungs.I ran downstairs hoping to avoid any reason for her to loose the plot."Yes, Johanna?" I said. She turned and stared at Me with fury"did I say you could talk?" She questioned me . I shoke my head to not provoke her.

"I didn't think so. You remind me of your worthless mother, so... obedient, like a dog. Shame she couldn't see what a stupid child you are, I still don't understand why I have to look after you, maybe you should have gone with your useless mother" said Johanna.

"my mother is not worthless and she's not useless, DON'T EVER CALL HER THAT AGAIN SHE DONE MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER DO ALL YOU ARE IS A STUPID BITCH WHO CARES ABOUT NO ONE BUT HERSELF!!!"I shouted I froze,I couldn't believe what I just said." Oh no what have I done" I thought to myself.

"what did you just say, you dare to answer back who do you think you are"Johanna shouted back infuriated."I'm so sorry I didn't mean it " I said fast pass walking backwards trying to find my way to the stairs.

I did the one thing I knew that I could do that would probably save my


I ran up the stairs as I was being chased by Johanna. I ran to the damp walled, unclean bathroom and locked the door. I had no where to run I frantically searched the room for something... anything. There was my answer, the one way out . The window...

I ran to the window and heaved with all my might the window up and open, luckily there where some bushes at the ground so just before Johanna finally managed to brake the door open leaped out of the window , straight to the bushes. I did it , I was free from her at last . I ran and ran , I didn't care where I was going I was away from here that's all that mattered.

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