You changed everything

Everyone says that their life is bad,but you can't judge that till you walk in the shoes of a girl who has only witnessed grief pain and disappointment.Life is hard but what happens when your life is out of the ordinary and is nit like anyone elses


6. a new start

​As soon as I arrived at his home it was like nothing I expected. You'd think that someone who is in the biggest boy band in the world might have treated himself to some things but it's just like a normal house ,but the kind of house which is a home.

​As I walked through the front door I looked around to make myself familiar with the new home, the polished flooring, the cream walls and everything within it. I was in a daydream till Louis broke the silence by saying " I know it's not the best home but there's a spare room with a bathroom and I'm sure I can handle a flat mate... or a house mate" . I turned around and put on a faint smile" No no it's great , it's like a proper home" . Louis then smiled ,so I carried on studying the living room/ kitchen , that's when I saw an Apple tree outside the window , I had one of them when I lived with my family. Louis could tell something was up because he asked"is there something wrong?" , "no no everything is fine , it's just I was remembering something".

​My clothes were damp and they were the only clothes I had, so Louis said I could have a shower and wear some of his clothes in the time being. I had forgotten what a proper shower was like but it was amazing.

​When I wad changed into a pair of jeans and a stripping top ,I joined Louis on the sofa ." Wow , they fit you well" he said with a cheeky giggle , " Louis I just wanted to say thank you for this , for everything , you honestly have no idea how much you have helped me , also I'm sorry for having a go at you twice " he smiled and replied " it's okay, sure I don't take people into my home when I just met them , but you seem different , I don't know how but you are". 

​After that we talked and laughed , we had so much in common , he made me smile and laugh in the first time in a long time, I was so lucky. "So Tallulah, what take away do you want , what's your favourite?" He asked and stood up, pointed at me and gave me a look which I couldn't help but burst out laughing,"seriously I don't have a clue , you choose". "Fine, we are having....... Chinese takeaway". He went to the phone and started dialling the number, as he did I thought to myself how in the first time in months I forgot the pain and the misery.

​As spent hours and hours joking about and talking. I knew that this was the start of a new beginning.


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