It's Halloween and Genesis and her friends Andy Biersack,Jake Pitts,Jinxx,Ashley Purdy and C.C plan on having a fun Halloween.But what happens when what was suppose to be a fun Halloween turns into a night of horror.


7. Well,until next Halloween.....

~Genesis' P.O.V~

I watched as Andy disappeared right before my eyes...My knees then grew wobbly and weak.I fell to knees and tears just started rush out of my eyes.It was if a never-ending river was flowing from my eyes."Why Andy?Why did he have to die?",I asked myself.Matt ran over to me."Gen,c'mon!We've gotta get out of here!",he told me.I was shaking uncontrollably...Matt picked me up and ran out of the house,holding me in his arms as he ran out with the guys.We all went back to my house.Everyone just sat on the couch,looking depressed as ever.My eyes were puffy and bloodshot from crying so much...I think all the guys could tell,it was hurting me the most...This was the worst Halloween ever and to make matters worse,I lost one of my best friends....We heard a knock on the door."Trick or treat",I heard a voice say from the other side of the door.I weakly brought myself to my feet as I sighed."I'm just gonna give them all the candy we have and tell them to get lost.....I'm not in a Halloween mood",I told the guys.I opened the door."And what about our matching Batman and Batgirl costumes we bought together?",The voice said again.I looked up to see.....Andy."Andy?!",I said in a shocked but ebullient tone.All the guys shot up from the couch and ran to the door.Andy picked me and hugged me tightly."What happened to you?",I asked."Well,the demon version of me wanted to take me and turn me into a demon but I killed him",he replied with a chuckle."And what about the ghost version of you?",Jake asked."Well,we'll have to wait until next Halloween to see him again.Now lets have some fun",Andy said.We all got dressed.Me and Andy rockin' our matching Batman and Batgirl costumes,Ashley wearing a rockstar cowboy costume,C.C as a pug and Matt....well,he was himself,haha.What went from being the worst Halloween ever,ended nicely..Well,until next Halloween boys and girls...Remember:Practical jokes can take a turn for the worst...And stay safe.

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