It's Halloween and Genesis and her friends Andy Biersack,Jake Pitts,Jinxx,Ashley Purdy and C.C plan on having a fun Halloween.But what happens when what was suppose to be a fun Halloween turns into a night of horror.


2. Uh-oh

~Genesis' P.O.V~

Me and the guys had just came from Pizza Hut (blame Jake),we were celebrating Halloween the way we do every year.Eat pizza then go to my house to watch a mixture of scary and crappy horror movies.While me and the guys were walking to my house,Andy started running towards an old house.As Andy was running  he screamed "The last one in there has to lick all the war paint off my body".I ran inside the house with the rest of the guys (Ashley finished last,haha).Me and the guys started to call out for Andy."Andy?",I called out.He didn't answer and we didn't see him anywhere.We kept calling for Andy,then all of a sudden all the lights went out and the doors closed.We didn't have time to react."Alright,you guys,we've gotta stay together",Ashley said.Me,Jinxx, and Jake all nodded."Well,I'm going to look for a flashlight or something",C.C said.He started to walk and the other guys stood there and waited for him.Then we heard screaming.It was C.C...Me and the guys ran into the room that C.C was in.We found him laying on the floor.....unconscious."Don't worry,I'll take care of him but the rest of you have to split up.I managed to find a flashlight in the place,although it was very dark.I cut on the flashlight.My eyes widened and I gasped as I saw a trail of blood in front of me.My heart skipped 2 beats as I began to walk down the stairs.Then all of a sudden something pushed me down the stairs...

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